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Mbah Derick A 

Mbah Derick A
Mbah Derick A

In this article, I will tell you  who I am, How and why I started Blogging (My Blogging Journey) and what my blog is all about. This is not an ordinary about me page, it contains about nine paragraphs and 800 words that links to resources that might help you so get a fresh glass of water and keep beside you before you start reading.

About Mbah Derick A

Mbah Derick A  holder of Bsc in Banking and Finance from the University of Buea Cameroon and founder of Cameroonhowto. He is a Banker in profession and a Blogger in occupation. He is an Online Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, Facebook ads expert website developer, Graphic designer and Blogging Consultant.
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Why and how I started Blogging in Cameroon without investment

Once upon a time there was a fair guy who started Primary School, Class One in Government School Ashong (G.S Ashong) in 1997 and got his First School Living Certificate in 2004. Ashong is a village in Batibo Sub Division, North West Region ( Bamenda) Cameroon. Cameroon is a Country in Central Africa. 

He later move to Government High School Batibo where he got his Ordinary Level Certificate in Sciences. Due to Financial constraints, He moved to Buea South West Region of Cameroon, diverted to Commercial science and got his advance level with the following subjects: 

Economics and Geography. He got admitted in the University of Buea in 2013/2014 Academic year and graduated in 2018/2019 Academic year with Bsc. in Banking and Finance. 

 His name is Mbah Derick Asandack, the owner of this blog. I know some questions running in your mind are How can he start University in 2013 and graduate in 2019? 
Was he not quick in learning? 
Was he suspended from classes?

 Why I started Blogging will Answer all these questions. 2015/2016 Academic year was my final year so, we were almost done with first semester and when teachers of the Anglophone region of Cameroon call for a strike asking Government to do some reforms in the education sector, we were ask to stay at home for that period.

After about a month, Lawyers equally Stage their own strike action. This gradually turn to what is call Anglophone Crisis which as at the date of publication of this article is still ongoing though things are gradually getting to normalcy.

How I started Blogging in Cameroon

 As the crisis was going on, we had to suspend studies, while at home I started Google searching ” How to make money online in Cameroon, How to work online” I eventually landed on this website called Money Master Tutorial and on a blog post titled; How to make $256 blogging in Cameroon. I carefully read the post and others, did some research and decided to engage in Blogging.

 Ho ho! I created close to Nine blogs and delete them. This is because I wanted to go to fast, I didn’t know about choosing a blog niche. I was just Blogging on everything and ended up not completing them because of inadequate contents. I’m explaining all this so that if you wish to start a blog in Cameroon from scratch without investing any franc, you will not use the wrong approach I used. 

 I stop Blogging for some months and one day I saw a post on Facebook about Mathematics Quiz, I went via the comments and saw terrible Answers and arguments. I quickly said to myself that but Blogging is just showing or telling people what you know best and like doing. So, I since I loved Mathematics with passion, I decided to create a fresh blog  called CAMEROONHOWTO[ please check it out] to be solving these Quiz GCE Past Questions, Business advice and finance, Blogging tips and Tech. When I solved my first Quiz and publish it,a friend of mind encouraged me to keep up the good work. So I continued until my Adsense account was approved, I can say I am proudly earning from the blog now.

 Click here to read about how and what to do to get your Adsense account approve [ My personal experience].

 From that inspiration, I decided to create Camaboom, leading Entertainment website in Cameroon

 If you have any questions, contact me directly via this email: Here.
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