What is Real estate marketing ?: - It is the act of linking real estate owners to buyers while making a small or huge profit. Real estate marketing will not differ much from online marketing, so if you have previously worked in the field of online marketing, you will be able to start working in the field of real estate marketing easily. Real estate marketing can be divided into three stages only; the first stage is to find The real estate, for example, that you found an apartment, a mansion or a villa for sale at a certain price and with certain specifications, here comes the second stage, which is the stage of real estate marketing, so now the currency of promoting the property that you have found begins, and during this stage, you may face difficulty in the beginning, but with time and work you will master it, and finally the third stage which is fun to finish The deal between the seller and the buyer and you are the middle men, and of course, here the deal should end on profit for all, not only you. 

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How to earn from real estate marketing: The question here is can anyone work in the field of real estate marketing? The answer will definitely be no !! Because the real estate marketer must have some qualities or features in order to start working in this field, one of the most important of these qualities is dealing with society, meaning that you are not a shy person because you will not be able at this time to deal with people or specifically the seller and buyer, and there are other qualities. There are many that you should search for before starting work, as for how to find a property and promote it on social media, there are many ways you can learn and use it, as there are free real estate ads on many sites and you can access these sites and you can advertise your property for free like Craiglist, MarketPlace in Facebook and many more. The field of real estate marketing or profit by marketing real estate is a very profitable field and you can start it now. 

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