The Hen, Egg and Chick Math puzzle answer.


 Hen, Egg and Chick puzzle answer

Study the puzzle on the screen shot below and let's solve it together.
Here's the puzzle:
Hen, Egg and Chick puzzle answer

Hen, Egg and Chick puzzle answer

This puzzle is going viral on the internet. Solving Math puzzles and Quizzes can refresh your memory.
When I first shared this on tweeter, many people failed it. Some wrote me directly asking me to help solve it.

Today I will teach you the tricks in puzzles. After going via my solving carefully, you should be able to solve any other puzzle easily.

Hen+ chick times egg puzzle answer

The correct answer would be 20. check details below

If this is your first time to view this puzzle, try to solve it before checking my answer below.

Equation One.
Solving by observation,
10 + 10 + 10 = 30.
=> Hen = 10.

Equation two:
10 + 2eggs = 20
Egg = 5.

Equation Three:
5 + 4chicks = 9
Chick = 1.
Check my previous puzzles with step by step solving and explanations.

Final equation:
Let's rewrite the final equation.
Hen + chick × egg - 5= ?
Now, let's substitute the various values in the final equation and solve.
20 + 1 × 5 - 5 = ?
=> 20 + 5 - 5=?
=> 20 =? ( use BODMAS).

The answer is 20. From statistic, many people always fail puzzles because of the last equation. The last equation always carries the trick.
For example if you solve the last equation without applying BODMAS, your answers will always be different.

If you have any questions please feel free to let us know.


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