Chicken, egg and banana puzzle answer
Screenshot of Chicken eggs banana math puzzle

This Math puzzle has gone viral and many people failed it. Many people have been in-boxing us messages like "what is the answer to the chicken, egg and banana puzzle". Today I will teach you how to solve it with explanations to make you understand better.

Note that there are similar math Puzzles like this one that have different answers.

Chicken +  Four Eggs × Bananas=?

The correct answer would be 44, This is because the number of eggs in equation two is different from that in the final equation.( trick in the puzzle). Full solving below.

I will solve the puzzle in the following way:

  • Solve equation one, two, three,

  • Substitute the values of Chicken, egg and banana in the final equation.

  • Simplify using BODMAS.

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Solving math puzzles can relax your brain and get you busy.

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Here is the extraction of the  puzzle:

If a chicken plus chicken plus chicken = 60,

A Chicken plus three eggs plus three eggs =  26,

Three eggs plus four Bananas plus four bananas = 15.

Then, a Chicken  plus four eggs times four Bananas = ?


If this is your first time seeing this math puzzle, then try to work it out then check the answer below.

Before I dive into solving, check these interactions with some of our facebook fans and have your say.

" Derick That of egg is 3 because,the fowl are 3,implied;

Let us let those three fowl to be x;

=>x +x +x = 60

=>3 x = 60

=>x = 20.

So each fowl is 20.

Also eggs, let m represent egg

Fowl  + m + m = 26.

=>20 + 2 m = 26

=>2 m = 26 - 20

2 m = 6

<=> m = 3." Here is my reply:

 "I think it will be better to solve by counting rather than assuming.if you assume, it means u are not going to consider whether the eggs have increase or not. This is because you were looking for the values of the plate of eggs  and not the number of eggs." Click here  to interact with us on Facebook.

This means if you assign some values, especially on line two, you will be looking but for the number of plates and not eggs and so, your final answer will not consider the increase in the number of eggs. According to his solving the final answer will be, 20 + 4 × 6= 44. Is this answer really correct?" Chick our answer below

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Check my  own solving below if I can get the same answer

Equation one

So, let's start with the first line.

Chicken + Chicken + Chicken = 60

Implies 3 Chicken= 60

Implies a chicken = 60÷ 3

Implies a chicken = 20.

Equation Two

Solving line two,

20 + 3 eggs + 3 eggs  = 26

Implies 3 eggs + 3 eggs = 26 - 20

Implies 6 eggs = 6

Implies an egg = 6 ÷ 6 

Implies an egg = 1.

Equation three

Solving line three,

3 + 4 bananas + 4 bananas = 15

8 bananas = 15 - 3

8 bananas = 12.

banana = 12÷8

Banana = 3/2.

Hence, the value of Chicken= 20.


Banana= 3/2. I will substitute in the final equation.

Final Equation

Solving the final equation, let's rewrite the final equation for better understanding and then substitute the video of Chicken, Egg and banana to get the final answer.

Chicken + four Eggs × Bananas = ?

20 + 4 (3/2+ 3/2 + 3/2 + 3/2)= ?

20 + 4 (12/2)=?

20 + 2(12) = ?

20 + 24 = ?

Chicken + Eggs × Bananas= 44.

So, the final answer to the Chicken egg banana math puzzle is 44

In Mathematics, there are many ways to arrive at the same answer. If you have a different way of solving or a different answer, let us know.

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  1. So was the answer 44 or 26!

  2. 36! 4 eggs and 4 bananas times that is 16 + the hen which is 20 so = 36 x

    1. I have value of a banana as 3/2

    2. To prove it, plug the value of banana in equation three and solve, if you have 15 on the left then you are correct.

  3. It's 36! If you look, there are 4 eggs and 4 bananas in the last equation.

    1. hi thanks but I think your answer is not correct. This is because if you plug 4 in equation 3 as the value of banana, you will not get 15. Try it

    2. Chick this similar puzzle, I hope you will get it.//

    3. Chick this similar puzzle, I hope you will get it.//

    4. PRETTY SURE IT 36!

  4. this is way to technical, how the hell is a banana 3/2 i mean ok the very tops oft he bananas in the last pic look alil different soooo ? but still lol

  5. each bushel of bananas in the picture appear to have 4 bananas. 3 on top and 1 showing on bottom. so that is where the 3/2 is coming from in this one. Basically, a bushel of 4 bananas =6. Luckily in the final step the bushel of bananas also has 4 so the equation is 20+(4*6)= 44. I have seen a few variations of this which makes it easy to throw someone off.

  6. There's 6 bananas in top problems and only 4 in last. Bananas equal 1 in this equation...where is everyone getting 8 bananas in a bushel from? The correct answer us 36! Unless we are all looking at different pics??

  7. Looked out of curiosity as to why ppl were coming up with a difference in answer and there appears to be different pics of these chicken/bananas it depends on which one you're looking at.

    1. Exactly. One is 44 and the other pic is 36

  8. I'm sorry. I misspoke earlier because I miscounted. There are only 4 bananas so the equation is 20 + 4 x 4 = 20 + 16 = 36.

    1. Yes there are similar puzzles that confused people.

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