The leaf, grasshopper and Apple riddle answer.



This puzzle and many others are trending on internet today. The obvious reasons is simply the deadly Corona virus and it divastating effects in the world.

Due to the deadly Corona virus, many countries around the world are on total or partial lockdown in bit to reduce the spread of virus.

Because of this, many People isolate themselves and fill bored. Hence, engaging online with family and friends playing games, solving quzzes, riddles, puzzles and more.

No doubt we recenly had a spike in number of people visiting our site in search of solutions to puzzles and Quizes.

Math puzzle and Quizes may simple to those familiar with mathematics but tuffer to those who are not familiar with math. This is why we deemed it nessecory to solve it step by step with explainations.

Solving math puzzles can refresh your memory and make you to be able to judge things logically.

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Here's is the puzzle in written form.
If a leaf plus a leaf plus a leaf = 15,
a grasshopper plus a grasshopper plus a grasshopper = 12,
an apple plus an apple plus an apple = 6.
Then leaf + grasshopper × apple = ?.

Equation one
Three leaves = 15.
Let us make leaf subject of the formula.
Implies  leaf = 15 ÷ 3
Implies  leaf = 5.

Equation two:

3 grasshopper = 12,
Implies grasshopper = 12 ÷ 3
Implies grasshopper =  4

Equation three:

3 apple = 6
Apple = 6 ÷ 3
Apple = 2.
Leaf = 5.
Grasshopper = 4
Apple = 2.

Final equation:
5 + 4 × 2 = ?
Solving using BODMAS, we get

Therefore, the answer to the puzzle is 13.


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