10 mistakes of newbie Bloggers, ( must read)


10 mistakes of newbie Bloggers ( must read).

Wether you like to blog as a hubby, to make money or just for fun, there are some little things you need to know before starting a blog. They say little things matter.

So, you are new to blogging, it migh not be easy as you had thought. I am not saying it's going to be tuff, I mean there are some certain things that  might not work the way you were thinking. I will not say you but I at the backend of this blog made these mistakes or had these misconceptions about Blogging, creating many blogs and deleted them because it wasn't going the way I thought.

For example before I started researching about Blogging, I saw a post on Facebook titlled " how to make money Blogging" I read the article, I thought it was something I could just create a blog, write some few post, apply for Adsense or do other monitization methods and start earning.

If you have this on your mind, it definitely means you are at the same point where I was some years back.

These mistakes which I called it crimes of newbie Bloggers will not only make you to abandoned Blogging, you might think everyone else should abandoned Blogging. All these mistakes I committed them, now I'm sharing so that you can use them as a lesson.

10 mistakes of newbie Bloggers.

1. Impatience: For your website to rang top, your blog needs to be at least three months, this also apply for your AdSense account to be approved in some countries.

Note: AdSense is just one way for newbie Bloggers to earn some passive income.

So, before you get into Blogging, have it on your mind that you have to be patient.

2. Inadequate information: When I first heard about Blogging, I did focus on on how to create my own blog and not how and ways I can organize my work and earn money from it.

I didn't even read about choosing a good blog niche that I can easily monitize or that I can have good content to write about the niche frequently.

Hoho! I created some blogs, write  five to ten posts and was stock up.

To start a blog, you have to do good research about it and master exactly how it works. You will find good information about Blogging on 273blogjourney

3. Claiming to know little things: I know when you first learned about Blogging, you pretend to know some little tricks about Blogging like I did. Blogging is like any other thing that you have to keep learning Everyday from those who are already they. You can't just jump to it and master everything overnight.

4. Not collaborating with others.  As a new Blogger, you have to collaborate with those who are already on top so as to avoid some little mistakes.

5. Misconceptions: I mean you might think as I did, that Blogging is a make money quick, this is not true, from experiences, I can say Blogging is a long term investment because what ever you do, if you are consistent, you will surely earn from it.

Always sick to get good and quality information about Blogging before engaging.

6. Inconsistency: I usually say it's patience and consistency of the way you do your blogging that can actually lead you to success.

7. Copy and paste: when I started blogging I say to myself that oh! This bloging thing can't be this simple. I just copied from other websites and paste, thinking  I am already a Blogger.

If you do this or you are planning to do it, you are sinning against your own self.  You can never trick Google. In fact where your reasoning ends, multiple it by 1milion to get to where that of Google starts.

Google needs fresh, original and quality content before you can dream of making money.

That's write your own post yourself.

8. Not choosing a good niche: If you are new in Blogging and have inadequate information as mentioned above, you might  choose some topics or niche out of anxiousness and regret after.

9. General Ignorance: Before you start Blogging master it well so that you don't have to commit Blogging crimes that will hinder your blog journey in future.

10. Not having a mentor: This is the last point but the most important of all.

Having a mentor is key to successfully Blogging. This is to say you can contact your mentor one on one to do almost anything to you for free.

" If you don't experience, you can never be an expert" so, your mentor should be your expert.

I have tried to cover some mistakes I did when I started blogging, these might serve as advice to you.

If you find this post helpful, share with others. Do not also forgot to channel your problem via comment or contact.


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