What's 30-30×0+10=? Math Quiz answer


What's 30-30×0+10=? Math Challenge answer

30-30×0+10=? Math Quiz answer
What's 30-30×0+10=? Math Quiz answer 

This tricky math quiz is Trending online today. Many people failed it. I will solve and give you the correct answer

What's 30-30×0+10=? Math challenge answer

The correct answer to 'What's 30-30×0+10=? Math Quiz' would be 40. Check detail solving below.

The secret to get all your answers correct when solving a Quiz like the one above is to always Apply BODMAS. So, I will solve this '30-30×0+10=?' using BODMAS.

Also note that you don't have to add brackets again before solving because you will indirectly create another Quiz.

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Solution to 30-30×0+10=?

Let's get started

30-30×0+10=? The first thing is to multiply.

Implied -30 × 0 = 0.

Secondly, we do addition

30+10 = 40,

Implied 40 + 0 = 40

Hence, the correct answer is 40.


To solve and get correct answer to any math Quiz, you need to apply Mathematical rules like BODMAS carefully.

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