ways to make money Blogging in Cameroon


Ways to make money Blogging in Cameroon, Nigeria Africa.

If you used to watch football on TV and see some pop up advertisements beside your screen, that's one way the TV channel earns.

How do I earn from my own blog?

I know you have these questions on your mind as a newbie Blogger. You are not alone, when I first heard about Blogging, the first thing I went online to research was,

  •  How do I make money Blogging,

  • What are some of the ways I can make money Blogging?

When I started 237blogjourney now camabiz and was writing about how to create a blog for free, how to apply for Adsense etc,

Many people contacted me asking how to make money Blogging.

On that note I have put together some few out of hundreds ways you can earn from your blog in this article.

So, you like to blog as a hobby or you like to blog just for fun or  like to make money blogging, there's a point in your Blogging journey where you will like to turn your passion to income.

Blogging as simple as it is, just writing about what you know best in an organized manner and publishing it on the internet, can generate you some passive income.

Before I review these few ways out of hundreds you can make money Blogging, let me give a general example of how making money  Blogging works.

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Practical example of how making money Blogging works.

If you are in Cameroon or other parts of the world and you always like watching series films or movies on television, you will notice that the TV stations always pause and do some advertisements. This is how they make their own money.

Now, as a Blogger, if you also write quality posts that many people will like visiting your website, companies will like to advertise on your website.

This is exactly how everyone is making money online. When I say making money I don't mean clicking links here and there, I mean legit way to earn.

At this point you have a general idea of what making money Blogging is. Let me give you some few ways you can make money Blogging.

How to make money Blogging in Cameroon/Nigeria Africa

Monetization: To earn on your Blogger, you need to monetize it with either Adsense or media net. These are top recognized companies that carry out online adverts. After you must have grow up your Blog, you can apply for Adsense account, place ads codes on your website and start earning. With Adsense, if no one click on your ads, you are not going to earn a dime. I have covered in details about AdSense program in my other articles.

Affiliate program: There are many companies out they offering affiliate program. From physical to digital products. Amazon, eBay etc. is a good place to start.

To join Amazon affiliate program or any other programs, read their affiliate program policy.

Writing reviews: When you have a website that is credible, many companies will pay you to review their products or companies on your site.

Paid promotion: If you have a reliable website, many people will pay you to promote their goods and services, this is always true for entertainment website.

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These are just some few ways you can make money Blogging, there are many other ways ranging from, selling your own eBooks, creating master classes, Consultant work etc.

If you wish to start with any of the above ways, contact us for assistance.

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