Five things you need to know before joining any online business in Cameroon


Cameroon is one of the countries in Africa where the digital economy is fast growing. Many people looking for jobs online and investors investing into online companies because of the quick Return on Investment (ROI). You can imagine the number of youths and young investors who go online to search for “how to make money online in Cameroon, how to work online from home etc” but most of them always get fake jobs or fake online companies and after spending a lot of time everything just disappears into thin air. This is why many people say never you invest what you cannot afford to lost online, that is what you invest online should be what is left after you must have done your necessary expenses though they is a saying in economics jargons that it is risky not to take a risk and the higher the risk the higher the return. In this article I will be discussing some five key things you need to consider before daring into any online job or investment. These include:


If you are not careful you may think these two abbreviations are the same but there is a big difference between them. What is the difference between HTTP AND HTTPS? Some of you may be aware of this difference, but it is worth sharing for many that are not. The main difference between  http:// and  https:// is all about keeping you secure.

HTTP stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol while HTTPS stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure. If you visit a Website or web page, and look at the address in the web browser, it is likely to begin with the following:  http:///. This means that the website is talking to your browser using the regular unsecured language. In other words, it is possible for someone to "eavesdrop" on your computer's conversation with the Website. If you fill out a form on the website, someone might see the information you send to that site. This is why you should never ever enter your credit card number in an http website.

In the case of https, if the web address begins with  https://,that means your computer or phone is talking to the website in a secure code that no one can eavesdrop on. Now, you understand why this is so important, right? If a website ever asks you to enter your Credit/Debit card Information, you should automatically look to see if the web address begins with  http:// or https://. If it doesn't, you should NEVER enter sensitive Information such as a credit/debit card number.

While checking the name of any website, first look for the domain extension (.com or .org, .co .in, .net etc). The name just before this is the domain name of the website. For example, in the above example,, the word before .com is "cameroonboys" (and NOT "google"). So, this webpage does not belong to but belongs to " So when logging into any site make sure you see https and the name of the website should not carry any affix or suffix if you want to be secure to and extend.


Before daring into any online job or investing into any online company, make sure you have the address of the website or company.

This will always help in case of any problem you can contact the owner or managers of the website or company either via calls, emails or physically to rectify the problems. If you enter any site online and you don’t see the contact us button, it means it may not be secure. This equally provides evidence to sue the company to court in case of frauds.


Before taking a job online, check the time you will spend on that job.

I used to think that working online simply means to relax but it’s not the case. Many jobs online require you to put some little effort and time, otherwise you will lose the job. It’s equally important  to check the duration of an investment into companies online. For example you may invest in a company online which after 145 days your contract will be terminated and if you don’t withdraw your earnings on or before the agreed day, you may lose your earnings even the capital.


Now you have work or invest and it's time to withdraw your earnings.

Some jobs or company may require you to be in a particular location before you can be able to withdraw or have a particular account before you can be able to withdraw for example if you are in Cameroon and take a job or invest online in a company that is not for Africans, just know that at the end you will find it difficult to withdraw your earnings. Again if you are in Cameroon and a company may require you to have an account in a bank that’s not based in your country, it's going to be difficult for you to withdraw your earnings. This explains why it is necessary to check the withdrawal mode of any online job or investment.


Before taking any job or investing into any company online, make sure you will be able to bear the risk involved in online jobs or investments.

Many jobs or investments online always go with high risk, that is you may lose everything just within seconds and you can equally double your gains within seconds. So what is important to note here is that you should never invest anything online that you cannot afford to lose. In addition, you should always keep your login credentials such as passwords and emails secret and memorable because there are some companies and websites that if you lose your passwords you cannot retrieve it.

Generally all online businesses are risky but if you follow these key points above, I bet you will not cry if you take jobs or invest online. Hopefully this article is helpful for you while not share it with your friend

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