What is domain name and hosting


What is domain name and hosting?

Almost every
day you download and upload music, videos and pictures from and to websites
like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc have you ever wondered where those files
you have downloaded from the internet came from or where all those pictures and
videos you have uploaded to Facebook and YouTube are stored in the satellite
right? Maybe you are wrong; at the end of this article you will know everything
about this.

you will understand what domain name is, what hosting is and how to select a good domain name or blog name( blog title).

All the
things you see on the internet i.e. pictures, texts, videos and other web
documents found on websites and blogs, are stored (hosted) on a special
computer known as web server. Web servers host the text, pictures and videos
found on blogs and websites so that internet users can be able to read our
blogs all over the world 24/7.

In the early
days of the internet, to start a blog or create a website, the veteran bloggers
or web masters had to buy a web server computer to host their blog or website.
Web server computers are  very expensive.
Only the few people who could afford a web server were able to start a blog.
But today everything has changed. Most web server owners (like Hostgator) are
now leasing mini  spaces on their web
server computer.

What is hosting

The business
of leasing spaces on a webserver is called Web hosting service and the
individuals or companies involve in such business are called web hosts or web
hosting companies. Hostgator, Bluehosts, are some good examples of webhosts or
Web hosting companies.

 The space on a webserver where your blog
posts, pictures and videos has been stored (hosted) is called a web hosting

So after
registering your domain name with Godaddy.com, you will also need to buy a
webserver or rent a hosting space from a web host (pay for webhosting service)
to host your blog (which is far cheaper than buying your own personal web

What is domain name?

After you
have chosen a niche (or decide on what topic or subject to write about), you
will choose a web address for your blog.

A web
address is the unique alphanumeric characters that we usually type in to our
web browser whenever we want to visit a particular website or blog e.g.
237blogjourney.blogspot.com, munang.net, 237shobiz.com mimimefoinfos.com  etc.

Practical example.

Go to any
browser now and type www.237blogjourney.blogspot.com, you will arrive on my
blog where you will find all basic and advance blogging tips. Sure you got it.

That’s the
web address of this 237BLOGJOUNEY. Every blog needs a web address for internet
users to be able to access it and read what has been published on it.

Now, to
start a blog in Cameroon, you will also need to register your own web address
i.e. www. example.com. It will cost you between 10 to 13 dollars( 6000frs to
10000frs) to register your own domain name (web address).

Hey don’t be
scared, this is not the free blog I am talking about. You will get how to
create the free blog below.

addresses are registered on websites known as domain name registrars.
Godaddy.com is an example of a domain name registrar. Many people register
their web address at godaddy.com. I have covered step by step on how to
register your own blog domain in an article on 237blogjourney blog.

How to select blog name and blog

Can you
believe that when I first started blogging, I spend about one night thinking
only about blog name? This was because I never had a guide like this one.

After doing
some little research I put together these few tips that can help you select
your blog name and domain.

Make sure
your blog name is easy to remember.

Make sure it
is easy to pronounce.

Make sure it
is easy to spell.

Make sure it
is easy make sure it is not too long.

It will be
the best if your blog name is same as your domain name, unfortunately it is
difficult to get same blog name and url ( DOMAIN) on some free platforms.

This is why
it is also good to buy a domain of your choice

You can form
anything that sounds good and give your blog name.

For example
your name can be   SERAPHINE BOH and you
decide to give your blog name as SERABO. Cool right.

You may also like to read, 

What will
make people to understand what your blog is about are the description and not
the name even though some blog names reflect what the blogs are about.

keep everything simple for everyone to understand.

If you find
this article helpful, spread the love to the world.

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