50 inspirational wise sayings to boost your thinking


  1. Actions speak louder than words.
  2. Nothing kills destiny like memory of the past.
  3. Never you live in pleasure and die in pressure.
  4. When you lack details you might be detained.
  5. It is better to fail doing something than to succeed doing nothing.
  6. Never have you mocked someone who is in trouble today because you don’t know what awaits you tomorrow.
  7. Empty pockets never held people back; only empty heads can do that.
  8. A downfall of a man is not the end of his life. Life does not offer you what you desire but what you want.
  9. If you are thinking a year ahead, sow a seed, if you are thinking three years ahead, plan a tree. A society can only grow big when old men plant trees and know very well that they will never sit in their shelter.
  10. If people don’t sustain trees, only they will soon live in a world which cannot sustain them.
  11. If you are not faithful with the little you have, you will hardly have much.
  12. Peace not founded on truth and justice will normally be an empty sounding word.
  13. Good people can never pretend to be bad, only bad people pretend to be good.
  14. Help have more meaning when someone is in rescission than at boom period.
  15. Watch out for whatever you do people give you motion of support.
  16. Use your eyes to read well for tomorrow you will use them to cry.
  17. Do the best you can with whatever you have, God will bless you.
  18. If you really want something you have never have, do something you have never done.
  19. It is better to deal with an enemy you know than a friend you don’t know.
  20. Your enemy is not my enemy.
  21. As you gossip me with your friend that’s how your friend will gossip you to his friend who might still be me.
  22. Only a wise man can behave like a fool but a fool can never behave like a wise man.
  23. It is better to carry your burden when you are still young than when you are old.
  24. Those who are right up should not forget those who are down because they may still meet them on their way down.
  25. You cannot clear a farm and allow it without planting then expect to harvest in feature.
  26. Two blind people cannot work together.
  27. Given millions to a blind beggar does not stop him from begging from you just after a second.
  28. Rather than fear death you cannot control, fear your destination after death that you can control.
  29. Inside every beautiful car is a beautiful lady.
  30. Those who love your wealth want you poor and those who hate your poverty want you wealthy.
  31. Since the fear of God is just the beginning of wisdom, then one need more than that to be wise.
  32. The truth you say today solves a problem tomorrow but the lie say today create millions of problems tomorrow.
  33. Your tongue can create problems for you as well as it can create solutions for you.
  34. The most productive organ in the body is not sexual organ but your tongue.
  35. The best response to failure is to get up and say with hopes.
  36. You can fool man but you cannot fool God.
  37. If you are not rich in God, you are not yet rich.
  38. If you want to be great, you must be a servant to others.
  39. To have money is to have women but to have women is to lose money.
  40. When a poor man was loved is in those days.
  41. A modern day paradox holds that the older you are, the farther you are from your grave and the younger you are, the closer you are to your grave.
  42. One only finds true beauty after wedding.
  43. They is hope in a living dog than in a death lion.
  44. The good you do today will be forgotten tomorrow. Do good anyway.
  45. Friends abound when the going is good but when the going is bad, they abandon you.
  46. Your thoughts may become your words, your words may become your actions. Watch out.
  47. The truth is bitter but it must be spoken.
  48. The truth can be delayed but it cannot be denied.
  49. You can never assign a rat to guard groundnut.
  50. If you fail to plan, it means you are planning to fail.

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