How to know if a man truly loves you

How to know if a man truly loves you.

In those days, you hardly see fake men, that's before a man says he loves you, he really mean it.

Now our days many fake lovers exist. Some will even tell you from the first day that they want to get married to you, after sucking your orange, they through the chaffs.

Today I will give you some tips to know wether or not a man truly loves you.

1. Make friend with his friends: Create a strong relationship with his friends and asked secret questions about him. Beware that if you do this soke of his friends will instead fall in love with you and before you notice, they will start saying " if not that my friend truly love you, I would have size you from him".
From their chatting with you, you will get more information about how your man loves you.

2. Test him: There are many easy ways to test your man but do not over do it.
I am not advicing you to go to bed with him before marriage, if you do, you can test him using pregnancy. You can tell him you are pregnant and relax for about 3 days to see his response. 
From there, you will be able to know if he truly loves you or not.

3. Pretend as if you love him extra: You can do this by always calling or texting. If he start replying you in a boring way , know your stand.

4. Outing with your man: Going out for lunch or accation can be a good way to test your man. If he doesn't always like to walk around with you, know your stand.

The above points are just some simple ways out of many you can use to know if a man truly loves you.
This can also be applied to know if a lady truly loves you.
Thanks for reading, now share to chmage your friends minds.

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