Six importance of a blog to eCommerce website


of a blog to eCommerce and business website.

as simple as it is, just writing articles and publishing on your blog or
website about a particular niche can boost your traffic for about 50% and add
value to your products. Many e commerce websites and business websites have not
yet understand this trick. That is you just create your website and no frequent
updating of articles relating to your business.statistics has proven that e
commerce websites with a blog stand a chance to appear on the first page of
google when a costumer searches a product than a site without a blog.

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can provide many benefits for e-commerce stores and small businesses online.
Get these benefits bellow.

Search Engine Optimization: The more content you have about relevant keywords,
the more likely you are to rank and link back. That is if you write quality
post about your line of business, Google will put you in front of their first
page. For example, if you search online stores in Cameroon, some will be top
while some will never feature on the first page.

Customer Relationship: Enhance your customer experience by providing
value-added content to help you get the most out of your purchase.

brand awareness: If content can be shared, users place their brand in front of
the network.

conversion: Not all website visitors can buy. Providing a rich content
experience can help you gain more trust and get closer to conversions.

other marketing initiatives. As marketing efforts increase, content plays an
important role, especially in channels such as social media and email.

Income Generation: Some blogs have a monetization opportunity, which can also
supplement your e-commerce income. That is your website profit does not only
depend on sales but also from other companies adverting via you because you are
on  top. This i s also disadvantageous
since you will be sending costumers to another persons website. it will be
profitable depending on the kind of ads you show on your site.

your costumers in touch: Blogging can generate you new readers from email sign
up, frequently updated them via blogs can eventually turn them to buy. If
you're just starting to create a blog, we recommend that you define your goals
first. What do you want to get from your blog?

will inform your overall blogging strategy and make your efforts consistent and
beneficial to your business.

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