Best ways to overcome examination anxiety


Student before, during and after Exams always find themselves in anxiety. This usually happen to everyone taking examination ranging from ordinary level, Advance level and even University students. Some always face because they didn't prepare for the exams well, some just natural. Today I will give you some tips on how to overcome examination anxiety and panic.

How to overcome anxiety before, during and after exams

How to overcome exams anxiety and panic
Student studying

Examination anxiety is common among students during exams, before and after exams. Many students usually start searching for results even if the date of publication is still far. Get the strategies below on how to overcome all this.

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How to overcome anxiety before examination

Days to examination

  1. Make sure you make exams revision planning before time:  About two months is usually enough, but leave yourself more time if you feel like you might need it. It’s better to be safe than fail and be sorry!

  1. Make sure you’re revising effectively and efficiently. Focus on essential materials and be active rather than sitting and reading for hours at a time. Read only the most important things. Read what you know well and master it well before reading what you don't know. Many students make mistakes reading what they don't know the eve of exams. This is wrong because you will get yourself more confused.

  2. Ask your tutor or lecturer for help if you get stuck during your revision.

  3. Try not to focus your whole life on revision.

  4. Make sure to take regular breaks, have days off and get enough sleep.

  5. Eat well. Your brain needs energy and fuel to make the most of your revision time.

  6. Talk to your friends and family about your worries rather than bottling things up!

How to overcome anxiety D- Day - One night

  1. Learn a relaxation technique in advance so that you can utilise it if you need to.

  2. Try to avoid working too close to the exam. Don't stay up late the night before or get up early on the morning of exams. A good night’s sleep is more valuable than an extra few hours of revision.

  3. Watch a funny movie or read a funny book. humour is a great way to take your mind off of your worries. Don't over do this.

  4. Make sure you’re thoroughly prepared for the exam to minimise your worries. Check that you’ve got the right time and location, pack your pencil case with everything you might need and lay out your clothes for the next day.

  5. Remember to eat. This is the point that every student going in for any examination should take note of. Your brain will need the fuel in the exam! Dry bread, crackers and cereal all help settle a churning stomach. You should have a balanced diet before, during and after exams.

How to overcome panic during exams.

  1. Take a few deep breaths while closing your eyes . Repeat this whenever you begin to feel anxious.

  2. Read through the instructions and questions slowly and carefully, highlighting key points. Make sure you follow examination instructions. For instance,a question might require you to answer "A" or "B", if you don't follow instructions, you will waste time and answer "A" and "B"

  3. Make a good plan to answer questions. This is important as it helps your writing flow and means you don’t end up panicking and going off on tangents.

  4. Answer the easiest question first if you feel like this will relax you. It can stimulate your brain and give you confidentiality if you were actually panicking.

  5. have a drink and close your eyes for a few seconds if you feel a type. Shake your arms and move your head from side to side to release the tension.Notify your invigilator before doing this.

How to overcome examination panic and anxiety after Exams.

  1. Know the date of publication of results.Make sure you know when results day is. In those days, usually, you collect your exam results at your college or school but some universities provide an online service for checking results. Nowadays most results are gotten online but it's usually after the state television or radio station has broadcast the publication. So, avoid panicking if this channel has not yet done so.

  2. You are the boss of your Exams before, during and after. Remember that you can’t control the outcomes of your actions. All you can do is to control your actions. You’ve done that by working hard and taking your exams. The rest isn’t up to you. Letting go of your need to control outcomes.

  3. Be confident in yourself. Know that you are the one who wrote the exams and can predict the outcome. So, no need to panic. Again, exams might not be the true test of knowledge as some people put it which is true to an extent.

  4. Get connected to your teachers. Have good contact with your teachers, reliable radio and tv stations, reliable online platforms like MATRICAM for ( Cameroon GCE RESULTS Ordinary and Advance level.

This article is written based on personal opinion, if you find it helpful, share with others. Thanks!


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