Viral fries, hamburger and beer puzzle answer


 This puzzle is comfusing almost everyone on the internet, when it was first posted on " Math Formulars facebook group", about 80% of thode who tried to solve got wrong answers. 

Some had answers like 34 , 12, 25 ,65 etc, today I will solve in details and give you the correct answer. If this is your first time of seeing this puzzle, solve and compare your answer with my own.

Solving Math puzzles, Quizes, riddles and brain games like Sudoku can refresh and relax your memory.

Here's the puzzle:

If fries + fries + fries + fries + fries =50,


Glass of beer + glass of beer+ glass of beer=30,

Then fries + hamburger+ glass of beer = ?

Check the picture below to understand it better.

Fries- hamburger and beer puzzle puzzle answer


To get the correct answer , I will first solve each equation and substitute in the final equation.

Equation one

5 fries = 50.

To get the value of fries, I will divide bith site of the equation by 5 as thus:

Fries =50÷5,

Fries =10.

Equation two

4 hamburger = 60

Hamburger = 60÷4


Equation three

3glass of beer = 30

Glass of beer = 30÷3

Glass of beer=10.

Hence Fries = 10, hamburger = 15 and glass of beer = 10. I will substitute in the final equation.

Final equation

Fries + hamburger + glass of beer=?

10+ 15+10=?

25 = ?.

Therefore the final answer to the tricky Math puzzles is 25. Thanks for reading and if you have different answer Comment. If you there's any spelling or English error, please notify us.


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