Viral math problem 50+50-25×0+2+2=? answer

Viral math problem

Due to Covid19, many people are getting themselves busy at home by solving Quizes and puzzles, some playing games with families.
Some people use challenge Quizes to relax with friends and family on social media.

This particular Quiz Cought my attention because when I saw it on the internet, It was trending and many people failing it. That's why I have divided to solve it today with detail explainations.

This mathematics problem is going viral on the internet and many people attemting and failing it. When it was first posted on Facebook page, only about 4% of those who solved it got the correct answer.

Solving math problems like Quizes, puzzles can refresh your memory. Today I will teach you how to solve this Quiz and these kinds of Math problems with some explainations.

Here is the viral math problem:

Viral math problem

Check the Quiz on the picture
Solve and compare your answer with my own.


To get the correct answer to this Viral math problem, you need to apply BODMAS and solve

If I apply BODMAS, I will go straight to multiplication since they is no Bracket and Division in the Quiz.

=> -25×o = 0.
=> 50+50-0+2+2=?
=> 50+50+2+2=?
=> 104=?

Therefore the correct answer is 104.


To solve this kind of Math Quizes, you need to apply BODMAS and solve carefully else you will get the wrong answer..
The tricks in these kinds of Math Quizes is just to know if you can use BODMAS well.


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