What's 2-2×2÷2 = ? answer

What is 2-2×2÷2=? answer

Many game lovers enjoy brain games like puzzles, riddles, Sudoku, Quizes and more . It can help relax brain and improve memory.

Quizes, picture Puzzles, number puzzles, Sudoku and crossword puzzle, and other play a role  in puzzle lovers daily routine. Puzzles and Quizes can bring relaxation after a long day stress up or refresh your memory to start a new day.

Some expert so far noted that, solve puzzles or brain teaser games have absolutely no harm to the brain. Brain games brings enjoyment and relaxing.

There are some benefits of solving brain games and puzzle such as phisical relaxation,  nutrition and social engagement.

Today I will solve this quiz for you for your better understanding.

Here's the Quiz What is 2-2×2+2÷2=?

To solve this kind of quiz, you need to apply BODMAS or PEMDAS.
I will apply BODMAS  here and solve.
-1 =?

So the final answer to the math Quiz 2-2×2+2÷2=? Is -1.

If you have different answer, feel free to share with me.


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