600 Inspirational wise sayings ( Speak like a wise man)


600 Inspirational wise sayings ( Speak like a wise man)

By Mbah Derick A

600 Inspirational wise sayings ( Speak like a wise man)

Knowing a large number of wise sayings, Moltivating word and  proverbs is useful in many real life situations. For example, if you are giving a speech, sprinkling well chosen proverbs and wise sayings throughout your talk is a good way to appear smart without putting in too much effort on your own. The same is true of formal writing; it is like borrowing wisdom from a public source. In addition, using and knowing proverbs leads to benefits in your own life: you will see that you become less wordy and more pithy in your thought process and expression. You also become confident of yourself.

This ebook provides a large number of sayings that will guide you towards some of the greatest proverbs, sayings, and short quotes of all time.

The wise sayings have been divided into four categories that cut across all stages of life.

These include:

  • Inspirational and Moltivating Wise sayings
  • Marriage wise sayings
  • Investment Wise sayings
  • And African proverbs.

You will exercise your brain in this quest for wisdom.

600 Inspirational wise sayings ( Speak like a wise man)

The randomly selected Inspirational wise sayings below are the kind you will get after getting your own copy of the ebook.

It is more preferable to fail doing something than to succeed doing nothing.

You vision can give you a wife but too many girlfriends can never give you a vision.

It is better to be slave to God than to be a slave to man.

A man is a product of his thoughts, what he things he becomes.

If you ever wait to do a something in such a way no one will criticize you, then you will never do anything.

The problems of today are mistakes of yesterday.

You don’t just do things because you have seen many people doing the same thing.

For the fact that many people are doing something doesn’t make it right.

God always ends before he begins.

You can never surprise God but you can please God.

If you are change, your family can be change, if your family is changed, your community can be change, if your community changed, your country can be change, if your country changed, your continent can change and if your continent changed, the world will be a better place for our children.

The freedom of people to choose their leather is the beginning of democracy.

We must learn to live together as brothers and sisters else we will perish together as fools.

You downfall can be the beginning of your breakthrough.

Nobody will ever thing of you are right and nobody will ever forgive you when you are wrong. Think positively and grow rich.

We must remain vigilant and faithful for we are servants not master of others.

Making somebody happy is also a process of given.

The more a man stays in power, the more corruptions he commits.

Be careful how you live your live, it may be the only bible some people read.

Keep quite when you are angry because anger is like madness.

Until you play your part, God will never play his part.

Your father can rent you a house, pay your fees but can never study for you.

Many people prefer a successful wedding more than a successful marriage.

Marriage is not for one partner to control the other but for both to control themselves.

When you are aspired to acquire what you desire, you must inquire to know more.

They can never be training without straining.

Do not care much about the mistakes you make for one day you will be correct

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