How to Answer all questions in Cameroon GCE exams


How to Answer all questions in Cameroon GCE exams

How to Answer all questions in Cameroon GCE exams

Some students perform less or fail GCE exams not because they didn't read or prepare well but because of some little examination hall mistakes.

Many students enter the Cameroon GCE exams hall and start panicking when answering questions, some focus only one some particular exam questions.  

Get this full advice on how to answer all questions, also Just to wish students writing Cameroon GCE ordinary and Advanced level the best of luck as they go in for the GCE exams.

Before I go to the advice,  Make sure all GCE writers see this post.

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How to Answer all questions in Cameroon GCE exams hall

  1. Check all exam writing Materials.

  2. Read full instructions.

  3. Make use of your time.

  4. Avoid Panicking.

  5. Start with Questions you know Best.

  6. Pray before starting exams.

Get some brief explanation below

1.Check all writing Materials: Before entering the examination hall, make sure all writing tools are intact. Tools include: your ID card, pen, pencil, ruler, Calculator, eraser or( Markset).

2. Read full instructions: Read the instructions on every paper carefully before you answer.

Some instructions might require you to answer section A or B and you go and answer A and B. That's the beginning of failure. Get all instructions carefully

3. Make use of time: Take the 1st 10 mins to read through the question paper before you start answering. Also divide your time carefully, that's don't spend much time on a particular exam Question especially when it is complicated.

4 Avoid Panicking. Do not panic and don't rush to answer any question. Take care but don't waste time, select questions with caution.

5. Start with the Best Question: If a question looks difficult, skip it and come back to it later.

6. Always pray before you start your exams: Pray prayers like

May God guide  and give me  the strength, wisdom, knowledge and understanding to face exams. This will give you confidence.

In all these tips will help you answer all your exams Questions well if you have been preparing well.


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