How to get a job in any bank for free in Cameroon


How to get a job in any bank for free in Cameroon

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How to get a job in any bank for free in Cameroon
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Upon graduation, many students face challenges getting jobs in Cameroon. Some are not willing to take some categories of jobs because of lower salary from the start. 

Today I will show you how to get any job in a bank or Credit union in Cameroon without spending a dime. It's Worthy to note that these jobs do not require any higher certificates but at the end you will still get a better job that can sustain you.

The kinds of job position you can work in any bank for include:

  • Commercial argent

This is a commission kind of job. You are usually paid based on new customers you bring. Some banks equally pay fixed salaries. This is common in all banks and credit unions

  • Daily servings collector ( Akao Argent)

This is Also a commission kind of a job, a commission from daily savings income is usually paid out to the collector. This is common in Credit unions 

  • Customer Service

Fixed small salary depending on your qualifications

  • Cleaner 

fix small salary depending on your qualifications

Advantages of these Categories of jobs position.

  • It increases your CV

  • You can easily be integrated into bigger posts.

  • You  have an advantage during concours

How to get a job in any bank for free in Cameroon

As long as you can read and write,

  1. Photocopy your ID cards

  2. Write a handwritten Application

  3. Include your CV if any

  4. Move to any bank, commercial or Credit union.

  5. Submit your File

  6. Wait for a call.

  1. Photocopy your ID cards: photocopy all your documents so that you can easily be identified.

  2. Write handwritten Application: to get any job in Cameroon, it's required to do this so that you point out the exact position you can handle. Be sure to include your contacts.

  3. Include CV: From your CV, interview questions can easily be created. 

  4. Move to any bank. Locate any bank in your area, it can be a bank , credit union or commercial bank.

  5. Submit your File: Drop your file to the right channel, remember to make sure the right person collects it.

  6. Wait for a call: Congrats! You have gotten a new job. After your file is reviewed, you will be called up for an interview or to start a job.


Getting this kind of job is easier and faster because you don't need too many qualifications. Again you can do it as voluntary service to add your CV for more better jobs

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