How to keep your job (nineteen ways)


How to keep your job (nineteen ways)

How to keep your job (nineteen ways)

How to keep your job (nineteen ways)

Many people often lose their  jobs due to some little things. Today I share with you some nineteen ways to keep your job.

1. Be honest and fear GOD

2. Be responsible

3. Don't argue with your Boss

4. Follow instruction

5. Stick to the schedule

6. Render sincere and diligent service

7. Get along with others

8. Be friendly and helpful

9. Remember, Business comes first

10. Take criticism wisely

11. Keep yourself busy

12. Leave your frustration at home

13. Take pride in your job

14. Don't envy those ahead of you

15. Don't demand reward for every service rendered

16. Share experience with others

17. Remember, there is no vain labour

18.Be on time

19. Don't over go out of your job description

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