Which cup filled first puzzle answer (detail solution)


Which cup fills first picture puzzle answer (detail solution)
Which cup filled first puzzle answer detail
Which cup filled first puzzle answer

This cup picture puzzle," which cup fills first" is dividing the internet today. The puzzle is Trending on social media like Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter. Many people are answering and getting the wrong answers. Many people also have their answers as "one, 5 and 4" 

Today I will answer it for you with full details.

There are seven cups, the cups are connected to a pipeline with leakages and a bottle of liquid is poured from the top. I will answer starting from the first glass to the seventh glass.

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Here's everything you need to know about the cup puzzle.

Number one cup: As the liquid drops into the first cup, it's supposed to first flow to the left side of the pipe to number 3 cup, and then to 5 and 4. Physically you understand why but physics will explain why better. Unfortunately, the pipe to cup 5 and 4  is blocked. So the answer cannot be "cup five or 4" which is the first glass. Check well on the screenshot below.

Correct answer

Answer to cup picture puzzle
Correct answer to cup picture puzzle 

Correct answer is 3

Only cup number three will be filled because as soon as it gets filled, liquid will overflow as explained above

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The answer to the picture puzzle, which cup fills first is cup number three. This is because all the other cups are blocked. From a glance one can vividly say the answer is cup number one but after a close look, you will discover the correct answer as explained above.


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