How to get school fee loan in Cameroon


How to get school fee loan in Cameroon

During the back to school period, parents always face challenges to pay school fees and  get school needs for their Children. Banks and credit unions have made this situation easy for all Parents willing to contract a small school fee Loan.

Today I will share with you how and where to get a school fee Loan easily from Financial institutions in Cameroon in to sponsor your children's school needs in Time

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How to get school fee loan in Cameroon
School fee loan

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What's a School fee Loan?

School fee loan is a short term loan granted to parents or students for the purpose of sponsoring school needs. Note that this kind of loan is approved only for school purposes. It is usually granted for a period of One year.

Benefits of School fee loans

  • No deposit & invoice are required

  • Fast, simple and convenient 

  • Flexible repayment schedule (1 to 12 months tenure)

  • Competitive interest rate   

Requirements to get school fee Loan in Cameroon

  • Hand written loan application

  • Photocopy of valid NIC

  • Attestation of irrevocable domiciliation of salary

  • Photocopy of payslip

  • attestation of effective presence at work

  • Census receipt for civil servants

  • Work certificate for private sector employees

  • Employer’s letter of awareness

Note that the above requirements might differ depending on the financial institution.

Credit Union requirements might differ from Bank requirements even in teams of Interest rate.

Where to get School fee Loan in Cameroon

To get a school fee Loan in Cameroon, Move to your Bank or Credit union and fill the form. 

Banks Offering School fee loans in Cameroon include: NFC Bank.

Almost all credit unions in Cameroon like ASHCCUL offer School fee loans to Members .

School fee loan is important for parents since it will save the wahala of children being send back home from school due to school fee issues. 

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