How to borrow money from mtn mobile money cameroon


How to borrow money from mtn mobile money cameroon

If you want to borrow money from MTN Mobile Money Cameroon, there are a few things you should know and do.

First, you'll need to create an account with MTN Mobile Money Cameroon.

Secondly, you need to subscribe and sign the MTN Loan terms and conditions.

 Once you have an account, you can borrow money by dialing simple codes and following simple steps.

MTN Mobile Money Cameroon has make it easier for her Customers to borrow and save money Online with a special product call "MTN MoMo Kash"

How to borrow money from mtn mobile money cameroon
How to borrow money from mtn mobile money cameroon

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What is MTN MoMo Kash? 

MTN MoMo Kash is a service introduced by MTN Cameroon that allows customers to save and borrow using their mobile phones. 

Customers can save while earning interest or take out short-term loans at a reasonable fee.

To achieve this successfully, MTN Cameroon has partnered with several microfinance institutions in Cameroon. Including those Under Camccul

This is because MTN Cameroon will not grant the micro-loans but rather serve as a distribution platform for savings and credit services to benefit these financial institutions.

MTN Group, the mother company of MTN Cameroon, has successfully set up this savings and loans platform in Cameroon, Ghana, Uganda, Rwanda, etc. They expect to achieve this same success in other Countries.

How to borrow money from mtn mobile money cameroon

There are two Major steps to borrow Money from MTN Cameroon which includes:

1, Subscription and signing MTN Loan trend and conditions.

How to subscribe to MTN MoMo Kash

To subscribe to MTN MoMo Kash, follow the steps below by dialing the codes provided

How to subscribe and borrow Money from MTN MoMo via Momo Kash

How to subscribe and borrow Money from MTN MoMo

  • Dial the code *126# to access the MTN mobile money service from your mobile phone

  • Select 6 to subscribe to the Cameroon Online Borrowing, Loans, and Savings Service ( MTN MoMo Kash)

  • Select 1 to Agree to loan terms and conditions

  • You can now borrow, get loans, and earn interest from your savings.

  • Or Dial *036# to Access MTN MoMo Kash directly

  • Confirm

It usually takes 24hrs for Subscription to be approved. Once you are Subscriber, you can now proceed to step 2 to borrow Money at any time.

2, MTN Loan Application or Borrowing

How to borrow Money from MTN Cameroon

To borrow Money from MTN, dial the following code and follow the steps below

  • Dial *126# on your Smartphone

  • Input 6 and enter

  • Choose the amount of loan and confirm

How do you qualify for MTN loan?

To qualify for an MTN momo loan you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must be an active MTN subscriber.

  • You must be 18 years and above.

  • You must be an active MTN subscriber for the past 90 days or more.

  • Your MTN Mobile money wallet must be actively used in transactions for a long period of time.

What is the code to borrow money from MTN?


Dial *126# and select loans. A list of amounts you can borrow will be shown to you. Select your preferred amount. The network will then send you a prompt that shows you the loan you requested and the % service fee that will be deducted from the. 

How to repay MTN MoMo Loan

  • Dial *126# on your mobile

  • Input 6  and enter

  • Choose Loan refund and input the amount

  • Confirm.

How much can MTN give as loan

The amount MTN gives out as loans varies depending on some factors. 

The amount ranges from 1000frs to 100000frs+ 


MTN Cameroon is one of the easiest ways to borrow Money online in Cameroon today. If you meet their requirements and agree on the loan terms and conditions, a loan shall be granted to you.

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