House Financing: How it works in Cameroon


House Financing Business in Cameroon

What's house Financing?

House Financing is paying bit by bit for a house to own in future instead of paying rent.

An industry that’s absent in Cameroon that will make every civil servant have a very beautiful and comfortable life .

Imagine if you earn 200,000 Xaf

And every month you pay a rents of 70,000 xaf

If that rent was converted for you paying a simple house /apartment that will be yours after 10 years.

= 70,000  x 12 months / year = 840,000

840,000 X 10 = 8.4

This is how a simple and average civil servants spent in rents, meanwhile , estate house financing developers if present in Cameroon , will be a win win for !

- The civil servant

- The investor

- The bank 

Source: Beautiful Dr. Menjo


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