Download Paper 2: Economics Cameroon GCE A level past Questions and answers 2023


 Download Paper 2: Economics Cameroon GCE A  level past Questions and answers 2023

Section A

a) What are the economic concepts illustrated by production possibility curve?  (14 marks)

b) Distinguish between the inductive and deductive methodologies used in economics?  (6marks)

a) Using the income and substitution effect; explain the shape of normal demand curve? (10 marks)

b) Bring out the likely factors that will lead to an increase in supply of a goods? (10 marks)

a) Why will private sector firms produce at the output which marginal cost (MC) is equal to marginal revenue(MR)? (12 marks)

b) Apart from profit maximization, what are the other objective of private sector firm? (8 marks)

a) For what reason might two workers in a cement company in Cameroon earned different wages? (12 marks)

b) Why do some employer discriminate against female labour? (8 marks)

Section B

a) Describe the component of total final expenditure in an economy? (8 marks)

b) Explain the determinants of private sector investment? (12 marks)

a) With the aid of a diagram or diagrams, distinguishing between active and idle balance? ( 12marks)

b) when will the demand for active money balance be expected to fall in an economy? (8 marks)

a) Identify the various sources of government revenue in Cameroon. (8 marks)

b) Discuss economics consequences of increase in tax on ;

i) consumption.

ii) the distribution of income.

iii) the general price level.              ( 12 marks)

a) Explain the current account component of balance of payment. (10 marks)

b) What measurement can be adopted by the government to solve balance of payment surplus in the short run? (10 marks.

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