New Manager job at Chef Dawei Foods ltd Cameroon


New Manager job at Chef Dawei Foods ltd

Chef Dawei Foods Ltd is hiring. Join our team now as our dream manager for the restaurants.

Manager job at Chef Dawei Foods ltd

Job Description

#Manager Responsibilities:

-Delegating responsibilities and supervising business operations.

-Hiring, training, motivating and coaching employees as they provide attentive, efficient service to customers, assessing employee performance and providing helpful feedback and training opportunities.

-Resolving conflicts or complaints from customers and employees.

-Monitoring restaurants’ activity and ensuring it is properly provisioned and staffed.

-Analyzing information and processes and developing more effective or efficient processes and strategies to increase productivity and sales.

-Establishing and achieving business and profit objectives.

-Maintaining a clean, tidy business, ensuring that signage and displays are attractive.

-Generating reports and presenting information to upper-level managers or other parties.

-Ensuring staff members follow company policies and procedures.

-Other duties to ensure the overall health and success of the business.

#Manager Requirements:

- Advanced Level Certificate or equivalent.

- HND or Bachelor’s degree in business, management, or related field will be prioritized.

-Strong understanding of business management, financial, and leadership principles.

-Excellent communication, interpersonal, leadership, coaching, and conflict resolution skills.

-Time and project management skills.

-Ability to analyze processes and information, identify problems and trends, and develop effective solutions and strategies.

-Commitment to providing exceptional service to customers and support to staff members.

#Compulsory requirements:

-Must be bilingual 

-Must be able to ride a motorcycle or drive a car.

-Must be passionate about the job.

-Must have an active circle of valuable family members and friends.

-Must have an active positive social media presence.

#Starting salary and other benefits:

-Monthly wage: 100,000 CFA.

-Communication credit and monthly data 15000 CFA.

-Transportation allowance 20000 CFA monthly.

-Housing allowance 15000 CFA monthly.


Up to 5% shares have been reserved for the dream manager. For every dedicated and committed year of work and business development; our dream manager gets 1% share of the company. 5 years equates to 5 shares.

No time wasters;

Seriously applications only from people who are constantly developing themselves and adding more value to their brands.

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