Faced with some arguments in class, online and even on social media platforms, some groups of people say solving arithmetic algebraic expressions using BODMAS or PEMDAS give the same solution while other groups argue that the answers may be different. This article will try to explain with examples why solving arithmetic questions using BODMAS and PEMDAS will give the same answer.

 BODMAS and PEMDAS are acronyms use in Order of Operations concept in mathematics. Order of Operations is a set of mathematical rules which tells you which operations to do first like division or subtraction in
Mathematics algebraic questions. It also tells you which direction to start solving a question either from left to right or from right to left.

In Arithmetics, it is generally agreed that all operations be done from left to right.

As a teenager or even an adult , you may want to ask why must i follow any order before solving an algebraic question?. Can i not just do it any way if i can get the correct answer?. Well these are good but challenging questions that if you don't master the concept of order of operations, you maybe getting all your answers wrong.

Let's take a look at the simple example below  with different solving.

Example 1: 8÷2×4=?


Scenario A

Starting from lift to right gives: 4×4=16.

Scenario B

Then starting from the right to left gives 8÷8=1. Wow what a big different of 15 between scenario A and B. This tells you that if mathematical questions are not solve in a particular order, Mathematics would have been the must complicated subject on earth.

Mathematics like any other subject has it own rules, acronyms and terminologies such as BODMAS and PEMDAS that if not well mastered or used, you may be getting all your answers wrong.

BODMAS and PEMDAS are both acronyms use in the concept of Order of Operations to solve arithmetic questions.

BODMAS is an arithmetic acronym which stands for:

O=Order of operations
S=Subtraction. Using BODMAS to solve arithmetic questions will give you the same answers with someone who uses PEMDAS.

PEMDAS stands for:

P=Parenthesis ()
S=Subtraction. With PEMDAS, to solve algebraic expressions, it is further grouped into four important stages in order of merit.
First: Parenthesis () or Bracket [].
Second: Exponents
Third: multiplication and Division.
This stage is very important to note because this is where the left to right rule, if not applied may give different answers.check example 1 above.
Fourth: Addition and Subtraction.

Example 2.

Solving this question using PEMDAS will be as thus.
12÷3×2=? Since parenthesis in maths means multiplication.
4×2=? This is where the rule to solve from left to right came into play.

This means the answer is 8. Solving this question with BODMAS will give the same answer. See summary below.

 If we solve all arithmetic question respecting mathematical rules, all our answers will always be the same.

Hopefully this article is helpful. Now comment your views.

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