The Tricky Viral Apple Puzzle solved

The Viral Apple Math puzzle with answer you may not believe.
Fruit math’s questions are very simple but but tricky. Many people always get the wrong answers. If you always find it difficult to solve these types of tricky math’s questions, then this article is worth reading to the end.

Because of many wrong answers on our  Facebook page, I decided to write this article to teach you some little tricks in solving fruit math’s questions. I know the main problem many people face in solving this type is because they are not seeing the usual common "X " and "Y" we use to look for. Therefore, the usual X and Y we use to look for in primary and secondary school could still stand for anything say fruits. I in person use to ask myself that when shall we ever see "X " or "Y"? Well as these is just to refresh your brain to make you think smartly. That said, now let’s get to some examples of fruit math’s questions and solutions. Most fruits maths questions are from a topic in maths: Simultaneous Equations So, if you master this topic well then fruits maths questions will be simple for you to solve. You must have heard about BODMAS or PEMDAS but may not know how to use it well in basic mathematics which I will apply as I solve bellow. If you still have doubts on how how to use these acronyms, Then click HERE for detail explanations.

Here is the puzzle:If Red apple plus A red Apple plus a Red Apple = 30, 
A Red Apple plus a Green Apple plus a Green Apple = 20,
A Green Apple plus two small Red Apples plus two small Red Apples = 9, then
 Two small Red Apples minus A Green Apple times  A red = ? Check the image below showing the above question
From the puzzle, 3 Red Apples = 30.
This emplies A Red Apple = 30÷ 3 which gives 10. Equation (1)

10 + Two Green Apples = 20.
Emplies Two Green Apples = 20 - 10
Emplies 2 Green Apples = 10
Emplies a Green Apple = 10 ÷ 2 
Emplies Green Apple = 5. Equation (2)

5 + 4 Small Red Apples = 9 .
Emplies 4 Small Red Apples = 9 - 5
Emplies 4 Small Red Apples = 4
Emplies a Small Apple = 1. Equation (3).

Now since we have the values of all the various kinds of Apples, Let's substitute in the Final equation and see what we will have. Let me write the equation again.

Two Small Red Apples - A Green Apple  × A red Apple.
So, 2 - 5 × 10 =?
Applying BODMAS, we need to multiply before addition and subtraction.
So, - 5 × 10 = - 50.
Now, 2 - 50 = ?
- 48 = ? The answer is - 48. Hopefully you learn a trick today. If you have any doubt or a different answer, comment and don't forget to share please.


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