The Zebra, Elepant and horse puzzle ( Animal puzzle). Can you solve?

The Zebra, Elephant and horse puzzle. (The animal puzzle). Can you solve?

Solving math puzzle oftenly can refresh your brain. Today I will teach you how to solve this tricky Animal puzzle. It looks simple but if you don't take time to study it well, you may fail as many people have failed the puzzle when it was first published on our facebook page and group.

Here is the puzzle: If a Zebra plus a Zibra plus a Zebra  equal 30,
An elephant plus an elephant minus a Zibra equal  a Zebra,
A horse plus a horse plus a horse equal an elephant plus two(2).
Then An elephant plus a Zibra times a horse equal?
 This can be seen summarised on the picture bellow.

Solving equation one, 3Zebras =30
Emplies Zebra = 30 ÷ 3
Emplies  Zebra = 10.

Solving equation two, 2elephants - 10 = 10. This is because the value of a Zebra = 10.
Emplies 2elephants = 10 + 10
Emplies Elephant = 20 ÷ 2 
Emplies Elephant = 10.

Solving equation three, 3Horses = 10 + 2.
Emplies Horses = 12 ÷ 3
Emplies Horses = 4.

The final step is to substitute the values of each animal in the last equation.

So, 10 + 10 × 4 = ?
To simply this, you need to multiply first according to the concept of BODMAS.
Now 10 × 4 = 40.
This emplies 10 + 40 = ?
Emplies 50 = ? The answer to the puzzle is 50. Many people failed because at the last step, they add before multiplying. 

Hopefully you learn something today. If you have any doubts then comment i will get to you.


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