The viral Grap, Strawberry and Apple puzzle answer

The  viral Grap, Strawberry and Apple puzzle ( Fruits puzzle) answer.

This puzzle has gone viral across the internet and many people failed it. Today I will teach you how to solve this type.

The puzzle is given below.
If a bunch of red Graps plus a bunch of red grap plus a bunch of red graps equal 300,
A strawberry plus a strawberry minus a bunch of red graps = 100,
Two Apples plus two Apples equal a bunch of red graps.
Then ,two times 2Apples plus a strawberry divide by a bunch of red graps equal what ?.

Check the image below for the sumarry of the puzzle. If you have not seen this type before, then get a pen and a paper, solve the puzzle and compare the answer with my own bellow.

Solving equation one , 
3bunch of graps = 300.
Emplies a bunch of graps = 300 ÷ 3
Emplies a bunch of graps = 100.

Solving equation two,
2strawberries  - 100 = 100. This is because from equation one, a bunch of graps =100.
Imlies 2Strawberries = 100 +100
Implies Strawberry = 200 ÷ 2
Implies Strawberry = 100.

Solving equation three,
4apples = 100.
Implies apples = 100 ÷ 4,
Implies apples = 25.

Hence, grab = 100
Strawberry = 100
Apple = 25.

Substituting the values of each fruit in the last equation will be as thus:
2(25) + 100 ÷ 100 = ?
Implies 2 ×25 + 1 = ?
Implies 50 +1 = ?
Implies  51 = ? .

 So, the answer to the fruits Math puzzle is 51. If you have a different view please share with us. 

Mbah Derick A.

I am a Banker by profession and a writer by occupation. I like teaching, learning and collaborating with others.💚 Please share my post!

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