The funniest Valentine's day puzzle; Can you solve?


Add February at the end of your answer just for fund.

Solving Math puzzles can refresh your memory and make you think better.
Here is the puzzle:

If 2Rose flowers (🌹) = Red love Icon (♥️),

Red love Icon ♥️ = V,
V = 14,

Then 2Rose × 4 ÷ 2 = ?.

Add February at the end of your answer.

This puzzle is simple and funny but many people failed it when we first posted it.

What is your own answer? Keep it on your mind and check mind wether it will be same.

So, we only need to substitute the value of V in place of Love Imoji ♥️.
That's 2🌹= 14
=> 🌹= 7.

Let's substitute in the final equation.
7 × 4 ÷2 = 14 February.

Happy Valentine's day!


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