The Wine, Champagne and Glass Puzzle. Can you solve?

The Wine, Champagne and Glass Puzzle. Can you solve?

This puzzle is simple but tricky. If you don't study it well, you will get it wrong as many people have already failed it on our Facebook page.

Here is the puzzle:
The Wine  and Champagne puzzle.
- 🍾+🍺+🍷=7,
Wine, Champagne and Glass Puzzle

Wine, Champagne and Glass Puzzle

Solving Math puzzle can refresh your brain and make you think better.

This Math puzzle is going viral and many people have failed it. This is why I have decided to solve it to show you the correct answer.

If this is your first  of seeing the puzzle, then try to solve it before checking my solution below.

I am going to solve this puzzle step by step for your better understanding.

Wine, Champagne and Glass Puzzle

The correct answer to the
Wine, Champagne and Glass
 puzzle  is 194. check details

Equation 1;
This means Champagne equal 3.

Equation 2:
🍾+🍷+🍷= 7,
Since 🍾 = 3
=> 3+2🍷=7
=>2🍷= 4
=> 🍷=2
=> Wine Glass equal 2.

Equation 3:
- 🍾+🍺+ 🍷=7
=> -3 + 🍺+ 2 = 7
=> 🍺 = 7 +3 - 2.
This is because when a number crosses the equal sign, the sign of the number changes. I know this is why many people failed the puzzle.
So, 🍺 = 8. The Champagne Glass equal 8.

The final equation:
🍷+🍻×🍾= ?
Since we already have the values of Wine Glass, Champagne Glass and Champagne, we will just substitute the values in the final equation.
So, 2 + 8(8) × 3 =?

Appling ODMAS, we need to deal with the bracket first, multiplication... You already know!
=> 2 +  64 ×3=?
=> 2  + 192=?
=> 194 = ?
The final answer to the puzzle is 194.

If you have any questions ask.

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