Shoes, Man, Eyeglasses and gloves puzzle ( Boxer man puzzle) solve.

The Boxer man puzzle.
This Puzzle has gone viral, many people failed it when it was first posted on our Facebook page.

Here's the puzzle on the screen shot below.
Shoe - man and eyeglasses puzzle answer


One thing you should know is that most of these types of puzzles are based on a topic in Mathematics ( Sylmoteneous equations)

The most confusing part of puzzle is always on the final equation, so you need to always  study the final equation  well before solving a puzzle.

Let's take a quick solving.
From the screenshot above, 3pair of shoe = 60
=> A pair of shoe is 20.
If a pair of shoe = 20,
=> A shoe = 10.

Equation two
A pair of shoes + 2boxers = 30
20 + 2boxers = 30,
Boxer = 5.

Equation three
2Eyeglases + Boxer = 9
Eyeglass = 2.

Equation Four
Pair of shoes + glove + Eyeglass= 42
20 + glove + 2 = 42.
Glove = 20. ( Ask questions if you don't get this step).

Final equation.
As mentioned above, the tricks in this kind of puzzles are always in the final equation.
Here's the final equation interpretation.
A shoe + A boxer man wearing a pair of shoes, pair of gloves and eyeglasses × eyeglasses.

Let's plug these values in the equation and see what we get.
10 + (5 + 20 + 40 + 2) × 2= ?
Symplyfing gives 144

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