Shoes, Man and funnel paper Math puzzle solved

The Shoes, man and funnel paper Math puzzle solved.

This puzzle has been going viral on the internet especially on social media. When it was first posted on our Facebook page, many people failed it.

Since many people failed and some inboxed us to solve it, we decided to solve it today.

Here is what someone inboxed us.

" Hello please what's the answer?".

Check the screen shot of the puzzle below.

The trick in the puzzle and many other puzzles are always in the final equation.


Equation (1)
10 +10+10=30
=> A pair of shoes = 10
And a shoe is = 5.

Equation (2)
2men + 10 = 20
=>2men = 10
Man = 5.

Equation (3)
4Funnel papers (FP) + 5= 13
=> 4FP = 8
FP = 2.

Final equation:
Let's use BODMAS to solve this.
5+ 19× 2 =?
43= ?.

The final answer is 43.
If you have different views, let us know.

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