How to start a blog in Cameroon and earn up to $200 monthly

How to make 25000FCFA plus monthly Blogging in Cameroon.

Blogging is one of the most easiest way to make money online in Cameroon. Before I go about teaching you how to make 250000 plus blogging in Cameroon, I will first of all make you understand what exactly blogging is.

What is Blogging

Blogging in simple terms is just writing and or teaching people what you like best. That is, you writing and publishing what you have passion in.

For example you can blog about biology, economics, geography, mathematics, history literature etc.

You can equally blog about news, sport entertainment etc.
Check my previous post on how to choose a good blog niche.

A blog niche is what you choose to blog about.

For example you can write about entertainment, technology, fruits, gospel and do product review.
One thing you need to know is that you need to focus on one niche.

For example one of my niche is Math puzzles and quizzes. Here I provide solutions to tricky Maths Puzzles.

Now you know about blogging and niche, let us talk how to start your own blog that you can earn money from it.
Turn your passion to income

To start a blog in Cameroon, you need an Android phone, computer or laptop and internet. These are the basic things you can use to start a blog in Cameroon and make close to 250,000 francs monthly

So,when you are set with all these tools you need to start a blog, you are going to choose a blogging platform
There are many free platforms such as blogger and WordPress

Read my previous post about how to create a new blog on Blogger or WordPress for free.

When you are done creating your your blog, write and publish your first post and your blog will be running live.

This is what you need to know before writing your blog post.

Don't copy: It's not good to copy others work and put on your own website. Any time you publish a post on Google, Google will index the post and store. If any one copy the same post and publish , Google will never index it again.
This will affect the approval of your AdSense account.

Write unique post and it should be of good quality and no Grammatical errors.

Good quality post can be of at least six paragraph and above 200 words.

How to make 250000 francs blogging in Cameroon.

As soon as your blog is on running, write about 50 quality articles . I recommend 50 because this is the number of articles I got my AdSense account approved.
Even though I can't give a fix amount of post to get your AdSense account approved, I recommend good quality 50 post from my own experience.
The website I got my AdSense account approved is MATHTRICKSCAM and I had just 32 quality post. Check it out

After your AdSense account is approved, you place ad codes on your website and that's all. Google will start serving ads on your website and you start earning depending on the number of visitors you send to your site.
I will talk about details of AdSense account in my next post.
Read my previous post and stay tuned to my next post.

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