Getting Adsense account approve is one of the main goal of every blogger.

today I will teach you all the necessary steps you need to take to get your AdSense account approved by Google.

Google AdSense program is one of the highest paid  program bloggers can monetize their blogs. As soon as your account is approved, you place  ad codes on your website then, Google will start showing ads on your website immediately and you will start earning.

Check my blog that was approved with just 32 post

These are the key things you need to do to get your Adsene account approved with no stress.

Clean blog design and theme: The first thing you need to do for your AdSense account to be successfully approve is to have  good-look template.

This means you should not have a blog template or design where you have about four colors.

 A good blog template should have at least three colors this is to ensure that when a visitor lands  on your website he or she should not feel bored.

Your design should be easier to navigate through all the pages.

Write quality post: The second thing you need to do to get your AdSense account approve is to write good quality post. This means that your post should be unique do not copy and paste else your account will not be approved.

Good quality articles consists of about 200 words and five paragraphs.

It shoe equally have no grammatical errors.

and do you need to know that when you are writing a post you are talking to one person so it should be "you and I I and you". That's descriptive articles.

Write atleast 50 post: The third thing to do is to write at least 50 blog post. This means that you should write at least 50 quality blog post to ensure that your pages have enough text for Google to crawd and know exactly what your blog is about and hence, account will be easily approved.

I know many newbie Bloggers are always anxious to do things, that is after writing few post, they apply for AdSense as I did. My dear it will never be approved if you don't follow these tips.

I made this mistake that is why I'm advising you not to fall victim.

Even though there is no minimum or maximum number of post you need to publish before your account is approved, I am talking from my own personal experience. My blog Matricam was approved with just 34 quality post,

I also have a news blog with about 200 post but Adsense account rejected.

Create Privacy policy page, About us/me page and Contact us/me page: The fourth thing you do to get your AdSense account approve is to have these three important pages on your website.

Even though this point came fourth, it is the most important thing to do if not your AdSense account will never be approved so take special note of this point.

You can check my about us, contact us and  privacy and policy page to help you create your own.

Wait for about three to six months before applying for Adsense: In some countries your blog is required to be active for at least 6 months before you apply for Adsense.

Focus on one Niche: You can create separate blogs for specific niches, after all it's free. Don't mix everything the same blog. A blog with a specific niche have high chances to be approved than a blog that you mix everything.

You might like to read How to choose a blog niche that pays.

What you just read is my personal experience, I believe if you follow the above points, your AdSense will be successfully approved.

If you have a problem getting your AdSense account approved, don't hesitate  to comment your worries.

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