Why is my AdSense account rejected?


Why is my Adsense account rejected?

Getting Adsense account approved can be a nightmare to some newlbie bloggers. If you are new in the game or you are a pouneer and you are having problems getting your Adsense account approve, this article is for you.

This post contains two separate sections, the first talks about my Adsense story which can be Inspirational to you, the second part is actually about why your AdSense account was rejected.

If you don't like to read about my story, scroll down a bit.

Wondering why your Adsene account was rejected, you are not alone, many of us newbie Bloggers always land into this problem. I personally faced this  issue when I just started blogging.

Before I explained why your AdSense account was rejected, let me tell you this brief experience of mind.

Ho! It's really a funny experience  but I know you are going to learn from it. So, when I first search on Google ' How to make money online in Cameroon in 2017, I landed on one website that talks about Blogging as one of the main ways to make money online.

I quickly again did some little research about Blogging and decided to engage in it. I chosed Blogger plartform because it was free to start even up to the date of publication of this post, it is free.  I Created a blog and start writing some short post not up to two paragraphs and 50 words I copied images from other websites and insert in my post. I saw earnings tap on Blogger and was so anxious.

After about a month, I clicked on the earnings tap, followed some steps and applied for Adsense account.

Google said we are reviewing your website, we will notify you as soon as we are done.

After about two weeks of waiting, Google AdSense sent me a mail titled

" Your AdSense account was rejected" Oh! I was so frustrated. I read the email and some of the reasons Google Adsense gave me for my account rejection were:

1. you don't have anough text on your website

2. write Good quality post.

3. Etc.

In that same mail they equally gave me what to do before reapplying.

After my disappoinment, I never gave up. I did more research, followed the rules and reapplied, I know what is on your mind now.

After I reapplied and waited for about a week, I received another email titled

" Congrats, your AdSense account has been approved", you can now start earning by placing just a simple code on your site.

Oh Yes! that was the day I know I was 70% Blogger.

Now without me telling you what to do, I'm pretty sure you have grasp many lessons from my story. I will not not end without given you these few reasons your AdSense account was rejected. This reasons will equally give you a path for you to follow before applying for Adsense if not, your story will be similar to mind.

Why is my Adsense Account not approved

The following points from my personal experience explains why your AdSense account was rejected.

1. Inadequate post: If you just lunch your site, you might not know the number of post you need to have on your blog before applying for Adsense. I Can say the is no maximum or minimum number of post but from experience it's between 50 to 100 good quality blog post. In my story above,I had just 16 scrashy blog post lol!

2. Content: Your post should be of good quality, that's write only what you know best, do not  copy post or images. Google and AdSense loves only fresh content. Like I said in my story, I had been copying images. Don't do this, Google can even penalize you for this.

3. Have a good Blog design:  a good blog design or theme should have just two coulours and easy to navigate via.

4. Let your blog run for some Time: Since blogging is not make money quick business, Google Adsense require some blogs in some Countries to be active for 6 months. These Countries can be found in Google Adsense policy. This is equally to ensure that you are serious about Blogging or with your website.

The above points are just coming to add on the other things you must do before applying for Adsense.

This things include: Contact page, about us page and privacy  policy page.

I have covered these most important pages in details in my previous articles.

I hope you learn something, if you have problems getting your Adsene account approve, don't hesitate to contact or comment. See you in comment section.


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