Five reasons you should start a blog on Blogger in Cameroon

Why you should start Blogging on Blogger
Starting a blog in Cameroon can be challenging, ranging from financial and technical issues.

They say " the soul is willing but the flesh is weak"
You may need a very professional blog in Cameroon, but one thing or the other will limit you. 

 I will give you my personal reasons I started my blog on Blogger in Cameroon.
There are many platforms to start a blog in Cameroon or anywhere,
Blogger, WordPress etc. just to name a few.

If you are in Cameroon and needs a high class professional blog or website, you are going to budget at least 75000frs.

If you just want to get everything for free, you are going to to learn many things gradually, that's you do everything yourself.

Why you should start a blog on Blogger

1. It's free: Blogger offers you free domain and hosting. Yes it is free to start but is it actually free, no. I say no because you need to spend some time editing it to look professional. Time is money they say.
I started my blog on Blogger because I never have money to buy domain etc.

2. You can earn from it: I started my blog on Blogger because it's free and you can earn from it in many ways ranging from Adsense to affiliate. This is realistic only when you are patience and consistent.

3. You don't need to do any advance sit-up: With the blogger, Google does all the advance sit-ups for you since it is part of Google.

4. You can try many Blogs: In Blogger you can create a blog for free and  if it's not working you delete it and try another one. I will advise you not to delete your blogs. Just create new blog if you need it. You will need your old blogs  to add some traffic to your site.

5. You can migrate anytime: If you create your blog in Blogger and deem it necessary to move to other sites, it is very easy.  You can backup your blog and migrate to other platforms at anytime with all your post and comments.

These are my personal reasons I started on Blogger and I am still on it.
In general, you can create a blog on any platforms and make it professional on beautiful, this will depend on your skills.
This blog is powered by Blogger.

The big question now is if blogger is free, why do people still spend on other platforms?
Comment so that I can write a post to give you the reasons.

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