What's Blogging and who's a Blogger in Cameroon


What's Blogging and who's a Blogger in Cameroon

So, you heard of these words and they scare you or you pretend to know like me?

When I first heard of these words, blog,  Blogger Blogging, it sounded to me like something imaginary. I did few research and today I will simplify all these for you in this article.

You may want to ask why do I need a blog?

Here's the short answer,

You need a blog or website for any of your portfolio in the 21th century.

You can be a church, artist, organization etc. I have covered why you need a blog or website in my other articles

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What's a blog?

A blog is a short form of weblog, it is where your post or articles are stored ready for any one who search it on the internet can get it. The internet will keep quality and best articles on the first page of search engines.

For example, if you search what's a blog, you will get many answers from different bloggers.

Who's is a Blogger

There a two kinds of Bloggers, the secret and the fame Bloggers,
Secret Bloggers always blog underground without being noticed on big media's while fame Bloggers are always popular especially on social media.

A Blogger is anyone writes quality post or articles in an organized, consistent manner and publish them on a blog. This means you write what you know best or like best or maybe teaching people some stuffs etc.  For example the person wrote this post is a Blogger and is doing Blogging.

What's Blogging?

Blogging is the act of writing articles and publishing on your blog to the internet frequently.

You can blog about anything as mentioned above, do what you like best. Someone somewhere likes it. These are your audience on the internet.

Now you know  what a Blog, Blogging is, and  who is a blogger. The questions now is how do I create my own blog,

Where do I create my own blog

Do I need money to create a blog,

Can I make money Blogging???

What are the ways I can make money Blogging?

All these questions have been answered on this blog.

Still not satisfied, comment or contact us to get started.

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