Seven Reasons you Will not make money Blogging.


Seven reasons you will not make money Blogging.

When I first heard of Blogging, I thought it was that simple, especially when I saw some catchy phrases like, how to make money Blogging, Work at the comfort of your home etc.

Okay! I quickly jumped into Blogging, created a website for free on some  free platforms, wrote some few post and after some days, I applied for Adsense account and Google rejected it. Lol!  This was the day I started realizing that blogging is like any other job or business that needs time .

From that day, I started doing deep research about Blogging. If you think blogging is a make money quick kind of a thing, you got it all wrong. This is why after doing a little research, I don't like using the phrase "make money Blogging," I prefer work online because it's like any other job.

A friend of mind ( Blogger) told me that she introduced herself to a friend, the friend asked her what she is doing and she said Blogging. The friend laugh and said is Blogging a job?

If you were the one what will be your answer? For me blogging is a job like any other job or business, you will find out  in this article.

Not to talk much, I just wanted to open your mind so that you start reflecting on why you are not making money Blogging or online. In fact this article is helpful even to offline jobs.

Reasons you will not make money Blogging.

1. No proper planning:

like any other job or business you need to plan before engaging in. Take for example, I just heard of Blogging, I quickly created a website without even knowing how I am going to earn from it. Does it make sense? The answer is no.

Before you start a blog, you need to have a proper plan, do research , choosen Niche for your Blog etc. You equally need to know which niche is paying.

After doing all this you can now start your Blog, if not you will take long to make that money Blogging.

2 You do not set a goal:

To make money Blogging, you must set an achievable goal, that is you have to write what you will achieve from the blog in a given period of time and how you will achieve these goals. For example, you first goal maybe to write 30 quality fresh post every month for five months, to monetize the blog after six months etc. If you don't do this, you are one leg in and one leg out.

3. You don't have time:

It's is true that some people blog for fun, some like a hobby and others for Money. If you actually want to earn from your blog, you need to invest your time in it. There's this Blogging saying that, "you can invest six months of your time online and earn forever." This is only via blogging. Remember that Blogging covers every form of online business. That is once you are a Blogger, you can do affiliate marketing, network marketing, consultant, promoter and even a publisher. So, you have to maximize your time for your Blog.

4. You don't invest in your blog:

To start any business one needs investment, even you want to obtain a loan from a bank now, you must first save. If you don't invest in your Blog how will people trust you?. When I talk about investment here, I mean you should buy something like a domain, pay professionals to optimize your blog to stay on top etc .If you are new to Blogging, you will never know these things over night, you need to invest in your blog, if not you are the fun or hobby Blogger.

5. You don't collaborate with others:

They say learning never ends, this means as your start your blog journey, you will learn new things everyday. This can only be done via collaboration.

You can collaborate by commenting on post of veterans, sharing or asking them direct questions. I have noticed that all bloggers love sharing secrets with one another.

6.Not working hard and smart:

Everyone can work hard online and earn, everyone can work smart online and earn, if you combine the two, you will earn more and fast. Let me explain. For example, you wanted to create a blog and earn, you decide to do all the research online, this are some of the things you need to learn

  •  How to create a blog
  •  how to make blog look professional
  • rang high on search engine
  • SEO
  • How to write quality post
  • how to monetize Blog.

Now, to master all these and more you might spend a year. So, one year is gone, you have not earn anything.

You might abandon Blogging.

You have actually work extremely hard but not smart. You can earn but not early

If you paid an expert to bypass all these stage for you just for an hour, you can start earning  from your blog after a month. This is what I call smartness.

So, you see that if you combine the two, you are going to earn fast.

6. You don't have a mentor:

It is true that you can learn everything on the internet nowadays, but having a mentor will help you go faster. For example your mentor will answer your specific Questions and give you the short and correct answer. Search anything online, you will get results from millions of website, some misleading etc. Good example is when you search how to make money Blogging or online, you will start see people talking about this success stories just to hock you.

To make money Blogging, have a mentor to direct you.

7 You don't appreciate others:

If some one does something good, congratulate that person, this will expire and motivate the person more. For example if you create your blog and write your first post and I gave you five star or Comment some encouragement and support words, I know you will be more expired.

Now I will like you to put all the above points to practice so as to work online like a professional, also please consider the last point by sharing or commenting on this post. Thanks!


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