How to activate free calls and internet in Nexttel Cameroon


How to activate free calls and internet in neXttel

free calls and internet in Nextel
Free calls and internet in NEXTTEL Cameroon

VIETTEL CAMEROUN SA is a Cameroonian
telecommunications company headquartered in Yaoundé and General Management in
Douala, with the trade name neXttel. It is made up of two shareholders, namely:
Viettel-Group (Vietnamese company) and BESTINVER. Third telephone operator and
pioneer of 3G technology in Cameroon, neXttel launched its commercial
activities on September 12, 2014.

neXttel is an operator that provides Cameroonians of
all social strata with 2G / 3G products and services adapted to their needs.

Nexttel's distribution network is made up of 24
agencies, several “Call box” and “Door To Door” resellers whose main mission is
to make nexttel products and services available to consumers. Network coverage
is estimated at more than 75% of the national territory, with 3,000,000 (three
million) subscribers per 1,000 employees who work every day to meet the needs
of subscribers. Because we believe that technological innovation should be
accessible to all, we are proud to have many rural areas now connected to our
network. We strive to provide the latest technological solutions, the best
products and services to contribute to the development of the country.

Many people use internet connection for various

Some use it to socialize with friends and family on
social media, some use it to do research, some use it to study online etc.

Due to Coronavirus, many people now engage in online
stuffs since there's a global lockdown.

Thus, some internet connection provider companies have
reduced their costs and some even provide their services for free.

NEXTTEL is not left out as far as these free services
are concerned. That's why the company have provided codes that if you load
little Credit into your sim and dial them, you will get free internet to browse

Before I share this trick, I will first let you know
why NEXTTEL is giving free internet.

1. NEXTTEL gives free internet to help researchers do
their research online without extra cost.

2. To help students study online by watching videos,
downloading books etc.

3. To promote its services.

How to activate free calls in NEXTTEL

After you must have load airtime between 100FCFA to
500FCFA, follow the steps bellow.

DIAL * 860*3# you will see options between 100F to

SELECT your option using the numbers 1 to 3.

SELECT yes by entering one to activate.

You are done, you can now start making free calls for

to activate free internet in NEXTTEL

The above codes equally work for internet connection
but there are other special codes for free internet connection.

Load credit in your phone between 100 to 500F

Switch of your data and dial the following codes.

DIAL *865#, you will see options from zero to nine

SELECT your option per the amount you loaded.

SELECT yes by entering one to activate.

You are done, switch on your data and start browsing.

These are just few codes to get free calls and data
bundles in Nexttel sim, there are many others that I have not mention here.



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