Six misconceptions about making money online in Cameroon.


Six misconceptions about making money online in Cameroon.

What you see on social media everyday about how to make money online or Blogging  is just like camouflage. This is true especially when network marketing is concerned. I know you usually see flyers like make money online daily, do you want to work from home? Make money at the comfort of your home ask me how.

I use to see these stuffs, I thought it was something easy especially when I here the word make money online. After going into details, I have discovered there's no easy way to make money online.

In this article I will talk about some misconceptions I had about online businesses or making money online.

I am not saying you can't make money online, I mean whether it is which kind of job or business you do online, you need to also put in time and effort like any other real world business.

Five misconceptions about online business or jobs.

1. You will get rich overnight:
When I use to see some flyers about network marketing, blogging etc, I thought one could just do some few things and money will start coming. This is not true because you really need to work and put in some time like any other businesses or jobs.

2. You will sit at the comfort of your home and everything happens
. This is not true especially for some network marketing kind of jobs. You can do some particular kinds of online jobs or businesses from home like blogging.

In some network marketing, you need to sell products, move from place to place to look for members. You  need to attend seminars here and there. So, if you were thinking works from home actually means work from home, you are mistaking.

3. You are going to make double profit:
there are some online business like investment business that at the end of the investment, you will just be breaking- even. This means you just waste you time and money because at the end of it all, you will not gain anything. Come to thing of it, who do you think will create an online business and wants to make huge profit from it?

This is why I always advice my friends to create their own businesses online.

4. Making money online is not for everyone:
statistics have shown that about 70% of those who join online business don't actually make money that can sustain their lives. I am not say you can't make money online, the fact is which method  you use will determine whether you can actually make money.

You I can agree that only 1 out of 20 Cameroonians have actually make real money online that can sustain them.

5. It is  full time job for a start:
It's is not easy for any one who start any online business and start making money as I thought. I'm sure you were thinking like me.

Any online business, be it Blogging or network marketing, you need to work for some time before money start coming. For normal job, you can work and receive pay the same day, week or month. Legit online jobs or business? needs you to invest in your time and then earn in future.

6. You can work without training:
I use to see these flyers on social media saying " work from home, no special skills required, you just do some little task and you are done.  This is not true especially when it concerned Blogging, you need to train and do research before you can ever make a dime.

Concerning network marketing, someone like me who's an introvert, if I engage in network marketing, I need to undergo training to learn how to talk with people. I'm sure there also people like me out they.

The above points are some misconceptions  I had when I first heard about online businesses in Cameroon.

If I have not mention all, please add via Comment.

This article is not to scare you about making money online but to make you think out of the box and engage in real online business such as Blogging.

It is also to make you understand that there are legit ways to make money online online and all online businesses require time like any other businesses.


For you to succeed in any thing online, you need training.

You need to be patient and consistent.

You need to do more research before engaging.

Creating your on blog or business online be it for bubby or to make money is good for a start.

Thanks for reading.

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