How to redirect a blogger blog to another website


How to redirect a blogger blog to another website, (100% works like magic).

So, you want to redirect you blogger blog to another blog or your website to another website and try all ways, it did not work for you? worry no more, today you will get that magical solution in a step by step guide below.

Before we get to the guide, let me first make you know my personal reasons I started researching how to redirect a website to another.

  • I started a blog on blogger and then moved to wordpress but did not want to lost my traffic.

  • I change my blog name and domain on blogger then, want to redirect the old blog to the new blog.

  • I wanted to redirect a particular blog post to another website.

  • Facebook blogs my blog address and so, I lost much traffic and wanted to get back the traffic from facebook.

The above reasons maybe some of your reasons too. So, if you faced any of the above challenges, and really want to redirect your website, today you will get the how to here.

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Step by step guide on how to redirect your website to another in blogger

To redirect your web address to another web address is simple but you need to have some basics in html. many people start their  blogging on blogger because it is free platform and then later migrate to another platform like wordpress to make it more professional. If you also wanted to migrate and afraid of loosing your traffic, this article is good for you.

here are the steps bellow.

Get this example of aa websit I redirected.


I redirected from to check it out.

1. Login to blogger and navigate via your dashboard. Select the blog you want to redirect to another website. Be sure you know what you are doing because you might miss up the whole website.

2. Click on theme, you will see customize, html. you will also find backup or restore top right.

 3. Click on backup to download your blog. this is to ensure that if you redirect wrongly, you can restore your blog from your computer.

4. Click on html and wait for it to load. These is where everything happens.

5.  Locate the head tag of your blog, this will be around the ending column four in blogger blog. If you locate it, click at the end of the head tag and press enter, column five will appear.

6. Copy this "<meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”0;URL=’'” />"  code and past it in column five.  remove the blog address and input yours.

7. Click save and you are done. now view your blog to taste if you did it correctly.

sure you are smiling now.

Hopefully, this article was helpful to you, please share and if you still have other problems comment.


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