Dog picture puzzle answer

The dog picture Puzzle answer, which dog is that born tied to? Answer

Solving picture puzzles can refresh your brain and relax your mind.
This dog picture puzzle is is going viral on the internet especially on social media and many people and failing it.

Which dog is the born tied to?

When I posted it on Facebook page, about 100 hundred people comment on it giving their own answers. Some gave Three, some two and some one but many people gave one as the answer. Today I will give you the correct answer. Check the dog picture Puzzle bellow.

Here's the dog, born and rope picture puzzle:


If you start from one, the rope will end around the tail of the dog.

If you start from two, it will end torward top left.

If you start from 3, it will aslo end top left corner.

If you start from 4, you will end at the born.

So the final answer to the dog , born and rope picture puzzle is 4.

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