Car picture puzzle answer

The car picture puzzle, which car fills fisr? Answer

Solving picture puzzles is full of fun. Many people engage in solving picture Puzzles to relax themselves.
This car picture puzzle is is going viral on the internet especially on social media and many people and failing it.

When I posted it on Facebook page, about five hundred people comment on it giving their own answers. Some gave A, some B and some D but many people gave C as the answer. What's your own answer? Today I will give you the correct answer. Check the car picture Puzzle bellow.

Here is the car picture Puzzle.
The car picture puzzle, which car fills fisr? Answer.

I will follow each channel from "A" to "D"  ansera see which car fills first.

When the liquid is poured in the box, it first flow to the left channels toward A and B. Normally it was supposed to fill A but A is blocked. It will move back to B, B is also blocked at the end. So, when the A and B channels are filled, it will flow back to the main box.

From the main box it will flow towards C and D via the channels. It's supposed to fill D first but D is blocked. When it files the box on the right side, it will flow to and fills up car C.

So the final answer to the car picture puzzle is C. If you have different answer, Comment.

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