Goat picture Puzzle answer

Which rope is tied to the goat picture Puzzle answer

This goat picture puzzle is is going viral on the internet especially on social media and many people and failing it.

When I posted it on Facebook page, about five hundred people comment on it giving their own answers. Some gave Three, some two and some one but many people gave one as the answer. Today I will give you the correct answer. Check the goat picture Puzzle bellow.

Here is the Goat picture puzzle, the puzzle goes thus:
Which rope is tied to the Goat?


The solution is simple , it just needs you to follow the rope from goat or from the sticks.

I will follow from the sticks.
If I start from stick number there , I will end at stick number 2.

If you start from stick number 2, you will end at stick number three.

If you start from stick number one, you will end at the foat.

If you start from the goat, you will end at stick number one.

So, the answer to the goat picture puzzle, which rope is the goat tied to? answer is the first rope.
That's the first stick.

This kind of puzzle, you need to follow the steps carefully to get to the correct answer.

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