How to check Cameroon GCE results ordinary and Advance level


How to check Cameroon GCE results ordinary and Advance level.

Students and parents are more confused where to check GCE results days  to the release of GCE results.

How to check Cameroon GCE results

A student sent us these messages " So GCE results  are finally out?

How do I check my results?

Where do I check my GCE results?"


In this post, I will show you how to check Cameroon GCE results 2020 and where to check Cameroon GCE results 2020. Be sure to subscribe and share this post post to get GCE results 2020

How to check GCE results

In those days, Results where only read on State Radio station and some private media  houses, nowadays, they are many ways to check your results as fast as possible.

These includes:

  1. PDF download of GCE results.
  2. On website.
  3. News papers
  4. Telecom companies
  5. Radio and TV stations

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1. PDF download: The conversation of GCE results to PDF download format has proven to be on of the best ways to get results nowadays. Though this method has been criticize by some few people citing low internet bandwidth and fake results on social media, it's still the best if you get it from reliable sources like one

Click  here to download Advance level results  2019

Click here to download Ordinary level results  2019


2. On Website: GCE results nowadays are always available to reliable website like this one and others. Be sure to subscribe to get your results as soon as they are published. Some websites publish results hours to the final publication, this explains why reliable website are best and timely to get GCE results. You also have to be careful not to get fake results.

3. Telecommunication companies always send provide results to students with grates via messages. They do this by providing a code to students and parents to send their candidate and Centre numbers to the code via SMS. 

Some people have also criticize this method saying    at times it take to long to get results.

4. Radio station and Television: This is usually the first source to get results. That's if results are not announce on State Radio station, anything you get online is 90% fake. When results are announce on State Radio station, it usually take longer for students with with larger Centre number to get their results. This explains why Online results are preferable.

Where to check Cameroon GCE results

You can get your results at when they are ready. Subscribe to get results directly in your mailbox. PDF file download.

You can check your results by sending your candidate and Centre numbers to the code that shall be provided by telecommunication companies.

You can buy newspaper to check your results.

You can tune your radio to reliable radio station to get your results.

You can go to your school and get your results.

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It's advisable you stay calm and wait for the national radio station to announce the results before you start looking for  how to check it, this will calm anxiety and panic. Even though all the above ways and where to check results have their disadvantage, it always good to publish Results in all the ways since some people live in rural areas and can't access Internet

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