How to verify adsense address with and without PIN in Cameroon


 How to verify adsense  address with and without PIN in Cameroon.

 After I spend close to two months requesting more and more Adsense pins, I was unable to receive any. I did a research and now I will share with you how to receive and verify Adsense PERSONAL IDENTIFICATION (PIN) in Cameroon, some other countries of the world with PIN and how to also verify without PIN.

Picture of Adsense PIN verification letter

During my research, I discovered how to verify Adsense address with a pin and how to also verify without pin. I tried to request the pin using the steps I will share below and got my Adsense pin delivered to me in less than two weeks. I also try verifying without pin, that is with my ID card and succeeded just in less than 20 seconds. This means I received Adsense pin but did not use it.

screenshot og Google Adsense 



When I arrived at my Adsense verification threshold, I requested for a pin, waited for a month and it did not arrive. I requested again, waited and no signs. I requested the third time, waited, after two weeks I got a notification on my Adsense that “you have less than a week to verify your address else we will stop displaying ads on your site” I was worried and decided to do another research. After doing the research, I discover that you can verify your address with or without pin in Cameroon, Nigeria and some other countries. Due to "covid 19", many countries are also allowed to verify address without PIN.


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Google Adsense give publishes and bloggers means to earn some passive income. Those who wants to earn through Adsense require to undergo through a process which involves writing good quality post some blog niches, being eligible, creation of account, approval, verification of account and adding payment methods.  As the economy is getting hard the best way to make money is by having a Residual or passive income. With online income, you make money when you are at sleep and even when you are doing other businesses. But with the linear income which we get paid through salaries, we only make money when we work (static income).


In this article, you will learn how to request and verify Adsense account address with a pin and without a pin.


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How to verify Google Adsense Account address with Pin code

After account approval, you need to verify your account with the Google Pin. To be eligible for pin verification, you must have earned at least $10. That’s Adsense pin verification thresholds.

To request for your pin, all you need is a valid address where the pin can be shipped to you. Per Google, it can take 1-4 weeks depending on your location.

Instructions to enter your pin are found inside the adsense pin that you received.

Here is the secret to request for pin and received it in less than 2 weeks in Cameroon, Nigeria or any part of the world. You need a valid email and poster address code. That is pox box… Then problem now is if you are in rural arears, if you don’t have valid poster address, you should go the other way. Contact us


Here is my pin I received in Cameroon.

 Picture of Adsense PIN verification letter

Once you receive the pin code. Login to your Adsense account and enter it.


From the date that your pin is generated, you have up to 4 months to validate the pin sent to you. It took me 2-3 weeks to receive my pin code in Cameroon. If you have not received this pin in four weeks, it is advisable to request another pin. It is single pin for an adsense account. From my introduction above, I requested three pins wrongly, the forth pin I requested correctly and received it in less than 2 weeks even though before it arrived, I had done the verification with my ID.



 To request for a new pin, follow the steps below. Your pin is somewhere now and they could not identify the address you provided. You need valid address (contact us for more)

  •   Login to you adsense account
  •    Click on settings.
  •     Account information .
  •    Verify Address.
  •     Click on Action to Proceed.


The big question now is, what if you not able to receive Adsense Pin code you requested?


This is the problem most Cameroonian, Nigerian and other bloggers around the world go via. This is also the focus of this post. If you cannot receive this code, do not be discourage it is not the end of the world. There is a solution to almost every problem in the world.  Some of us stay in the rural areas which make parcel delivery very difficult, that is some streets do not have poster addresses and code. Google adsense have you in mind. You still have another option to do the verification process. A friend asked me that why will google want to send pin physically when they are simple ways to verify the pin? My personal opening answer was that, GOOGLE adsense wants to be very strict and secure to make sure you are the owner of the account.


  How to Verify google Adsense account without a pin code in Cameroon



You can verify your adsense account with your official documents like National Identity card, Utility bills, bank statements, etc.

In those days, per Google adsense, those who are eligible will receive a notice on their home page. BUT as at today 28/09/20, you can verify without this notification with after you must have meet some few conditions. I verified my own without this notification.

Conditions to verify google adsense address with without personal identification number (pin)

Screenshot of Personal Identication Number (PIN ) Troubleshoot

  • Your earnings must be greater than verification threshold ($10)
  • You must have not received your pin
  • You must have requested three replacement PINs


If you have pass all the above conditions, follow the steps below.

·        Log in to google with the account you created the adsense account.

·        Type Personal Identification Number(PIN) troubleshoot on your chrome browser

·        Answer YES OR NO to the questions that will be provided per the conditions above.

·        A page will open for you to submit your valid ID.

·        Follow all the instructions and submit your valid ID documents.


IMPORTANT NOTE; The documents must be well scanned copy’s

After about 30 seconds, you a mail will be send that your pin has been verified.



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If you have any worries or contributions, please comment or contact us. Hopefully this article was helpful to you, now share with friends. Thanks!

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    1. Thanks for appreciating, Will always share my experience in blogging and AdSense tips so that newbies don't make some simple errors.

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