How to get AdSense account approve with blogspot domain


How to get Adsense account account approve with blogspot domain. simple steps

I heard many people saying it's difficult getting AdSense account approved  with a blogspot domain. I don't know their motive for saying so but let's all reason this question.

Why will AdSense reject a blogspot domain which is part of Google and instead approve another domain extension?

If you  can answer this question logically, you will know if  or not AdSense will approve your Blogger domain. If you can't answer, I will share with you what I did to get my AdSense account approved on Blogspot.

Today I will show you how I got my Adsense account approved with a blogspot domain and just 34 quality articles in a blog titled "matricam",
address " " you can check it out 

It's also important to note that I got this account approved with just Blogger build in theme. 

Here is what I did to get my AdSense account approved with a blogspot domain, Blogger theme and 34 posts.

  1. I Design the build in theme to look professional. I used just three colors, that's background colour, text colour and link colour.

  2. I add my Privacy Policy page, About us page and Contact page. These are the most important pages because these pages tell if you are really a human being blogging.

  3. I wrote 34 quality fresh posts. These are posts I type with my own hands without copying from anywhere, I equally used some screenshots in the posts.

  4. I focused on a specific niche. All the posts I wrote on was about a specific niche, no mixing of niches. Some people will blog about spot and cooking on the same blog and I think this is why some AdSense accounts are rejected. I had a blog that I mixed everything but Adsense refused to approve my account.

  5. I allowed my website to run for 6 months. Google Adsense at times needs to know if you are actually serious in Blogging and so required some websites to stay on for about 6months.

With no addition or subtraction from the above points, I applied for Adsense account and after a week , it was approved.

If you follow the steps above, you will equally get yours approved. If you face challenges, comment or contact us.

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